Bailing Someone Out of Jail

Step-By-Step Guide to Bailing Someone Out of Jail in North Carolina

Bailing Someone Out of Jail

As anyone who has experienced this knows, getting a call from a loved one saying they are in jail gives you a sinking feeling. This one phone call sends your life into chaos and brings on a feeling of panic. What do you need to do? What are the steps for bailing someone out of jail?

Below, we answer these initial questions about bailing someone out of jail with help from the pros at DJ’s Bail Bonds. DJ’s Bail Bonds is a licensed bail bonds agency serving multiple cities in North Carolina. Our area of operations includes:


DJ’s Bail Bonds is proud to serve this region of North Carolina. To serve you better, we will help you understand the process of bailing someone out of jail when you need to do so. Simply call us 24/7 at (919)986-1547.

1. Get the Key Details

The first step in bailing someone out of jail is getting some key information. Many people overlook this part of the process, then forget what jail the person is in or how much the bail costs. Although you will naturally feel flustered during that first phone call from jail, you must not forget this information.

Of course, many people call friends or family for help before their initial hearing during which the judge sets the bail amount. If this is the case with your loved one, understand that you cannot start the process of bailing someone out of jail until the judge sets these rules. If they are ultimately allowed to post bail, the judge will tell them how much they must pay.

Besides the amount of bail and jail location, you also need to know your loved one’s charges. You must know their birth date, too. When you speak with them, ask for the following details and write the information down:

  • Full name
  • Birth date
  • Jail name and location
  • Charges filed
  • Bail amount

2. Call DJ’s Bail Bonds

It is very important that you work with a reputable bail bonds agency like DJ’s Bail Bonds in North Carolina. When you call about bailing someone out of jail, you will need all of the above-listed information. The bail bondsman will tell you the options, such as a surety bond that most people prefer.

3. Fully Understand the Terms of the Bail Bond Agreement

Before accepting the terms of the bail bond agreement and signing on the dotted line, ask any questions you have about bailing someone out of jail. It is important that you keep up with required payments and ensure your loved one gets to every hearing on time as they should. If they default on their obligations to the court, you lose your investment in their freedom. This is important to understand before entering the agreement.

4. Provide Some of the Bail Amount

When bailing someone out of jail and using a surety bond, you must pay a percentage of the bail amount. This small percentage of the bail is the amount required by the bail bonds agency. They will generally accept cash, credit cards and other forms of payment, such as collateral. Talk to the bail bonds agency about their payment options and then fill out their paperwork.

5. Pick Up Your Loved One

The best part of bailing someone out of jail is being able to pick them up to take them home. So, after paying your portion of the bail bond fees and signing the agreement, you can go to the jail and wait for your loved one’s release.

6. Advise Them to Get a Lawyer and Attend ALL Hearings

It is very important that, after bailing someone out of jail, they seek the advice of a lawyer regarding their case. Your loved one will certainly want to fight their charges and do their best to receive a “not guilty” verdict or even dismissed charges. Advise your loved one to seek this support and start working on their case as the lawyer advises. They also must attend all hearings and meet the court’s requirements, without fail.

Call Now to Bail Them Out

If you have received that first phone call from your loved one in jail, get the details as listed above before reaching out to the bail bonds agency. Then, contact the pros at DJ’s Bail Bonds about bailing someone out of jail. Call (919)986-1547 24/7 and 365 days per year.