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It’s possible for someone to make a mistake and find themselves being arrested. Depending on the situation, they could be given a chance to avoid spending time in jail. This can happen by paying court-ordered bail. Once bail is posted with the court, a person will be out of jail and given a date and time to return for their trial.

Carthage NC Bail Bonds
Bail Bonds

There are two different categories of bail. This is determined by the type of crime a person has been charged with committing. There are state as well as federal bail bonds a person may have to pay. Carthage North Carolina has a typical bail bond system. In many cases, a person may not be able to afford the entire amount requested by the court to get out of jail. This is when the services provided by a Carthage NC Bail Bonds agency can be very important. The bail agency will pay the court the entire bail amount requested by the court for a fee. This fee is usually 15 percent of the bail amount but could be less. Once a person has used the service of a bail bond agency, they must promise to appear back in court on the requested date and time. The amount of time required for a person to be released after posting bail will vary. It could be anywhere from thirty minutes up to twenty-four hours.

Carthage Bail Agent

A bail agent can be involved with a person from the time they are arrested until their case is resolved. The length of time this takes doesn’t matter. They can help a person get out of jail on bail and make certain they make their court date. Should someone miss their court date, the bail agent is responsible for locating them and trying to obtain a new court date, but only if an honest mistake caused a client to miss the court date. If a person doesn’t return for their court date a bail agent will go to any state to try and locate them.

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Determining Bail Amount

Once a person is arrested, their bail amount is usually determined approximately 48 hours after their arrest. The amount of the bail a person is required to pay to avoid jail time is decided at their bail hearing. The judge responsible for determining bail will analyze the different factors in a person’s case. This will include the crime a person has been accused of committing, as well as the likelihood they will return to court to stand trial and more. There are standard amounts for bail a judge can use, but they are not obligated to follow those amounts. It’s also possible for a judge to deny a person bail.

Failure To Appear In Court

If a person paid for their bail with the services of a Carthage NC Bail Bonds agency, and then not return on their court date; they will be facing some serious consequences. A defendant could be required to pay up to hundreds of dollars in court costs. A warrant will be issued for the defendant’s arrest. They will be required to pay the court the entire amount of their original bail as well as the 15 percent they paid the bail bond agency. The court will keep the original bail amount and the 15 percent will go back to the bail bond agency.

Information And Payment

When a person wants to use the services of a bail bond agency, there is some information a bail bond agent will need to get from them. They will need to know an individual’s full legal name as well as their date of birth. The date of the arrest, as well as the amount of their bail, must be known. In most cases, a person can pay a bail bond agency with cash or credit card. It is also possible for a bail bond agency to accept a lien on property as collateral if a person agrees to repay what they owe the bail bond agency with monthly payment. Anything with a resale value that is equal a bail bond agency’s fee could be used as collateral. This could be real estate, jewelry, car, boat, second home and more.


When a person gets a bail bond, they will be required to have a cosigner who is responsible for making sure a person appears in court on the date assigned by the court. Should a person fail to appear in court, the cosigner is going to be penalized. A person may be given the opportunity to post bail without a cosigner. This will depend on the seriousness of the crime they have been charged with and is always at the discretion of the presiding judge.

The bail agents in North Carolina provide a valuable service. They are dedicated to monitoring defendants and making certain they appear in court. The bail industry does this without taxpayer funds. A person able to post bail has a chance to be free from jail as they work on a legal defense with their attorney. The bail industry helps decrease overcrowding in the prison system and more.

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