Co-Signer for the Bail Bonds Process – What You Need to Know

Co-Signer for the Bail Bonds Process – What You Need to Know

No one really wants to see someone they care about have to go to jail. The bail bonds process enables a person to post bail and free themselves to tend to legal matters at hand. The major benefit is that you can get out of jail sooner. There are a number or studies that show those who can post bail bonds have a better chance of winning their case in court. Not everyone is in a financial position to easily post bail. Fortunately, there are friends and relatives who often pitch in and find a Raleigh bail bondsmen to post bail. The relative or friend that steps forward to help is known as the co-signer. They help the defendant gain release before a trial begins. If the defendant fails to show in court, the court will take bail as a penalty.

Bail Requirements

The system requires a co-signer during the process to guarantee that the defendant will show up for his or her court dates. The co-signer vouches for the defendant and can play an important role in supporting the defendant to stay on track through the trial. A co-signer can be anyone who knows the defendant. However, a Raleigh bail bondsmen is more likely to accept the co-signer when there is a strong relationship between the defendant and co-signer. Co-signers usually fall into the category of being a family member, close friend, or co-worker. A person living out of state from the defendant may also qualify.

There are a number of elements that may enable a person to be a co-signer:

⇨⇨ Bail bond co-signers should have a solid credit history. This indicates that you have the ability to make regular payments if required. Hopefully, you will have a little money put away as well. It is good if you have access to adequate financial backing.

⇨⇨  If you decide to co-sign, it will help if you have a solid work history. Having worked the same job for a number of years along with a regular paycheck helps ensure a business offering Carthage bail bonds that you will be able to cover the bail amount if the defendant breaches the terms of his or her bail. A solid work history can also indicate to the courts that you are a citizen they can count on.

⇨⇨  Every bail agreement comes with certain responsibilities that co-signer must meet. If they are not met, then the co-signer must deal with those responsibilities outlined in the bail agreement. You may end up being responsible for the defendant showing up for their court date. You will need to be on top of things.

⇨⇨  Co-signing the bail means that you have taken on liability for the defendant. If there is yet another co-signer, that person becomes just as responsible. It will be in your best interest to make sure that everything runs smooth and that the defendant appears in court as scheduled. Your second responsibility will be paying your Wake County bail bonds premium on time. Prior to posting the bail, you will need to make payment arrangements.

Keep in mind too that if a defendant skips out on bail, a Raleigh bail bondsmen, or bondsmen of your choice, may impose a recover fee to find the defendant and escort them back to jail. As a co-signer, you may have to pick up the tab.

Your Rights As a Co-Signer

As with any contractual agreement, you do have rights. You can always choose not to become a co-signer. As mentioned, helping post bail for a loved one can have an impact on their case. Just be fully aware of the contractual agreements and responsibilities that you are taking on. You also have a right to revoke the bail bond if you feel, for any reason, the defendant shows signs of being unreliable. Just get in touch with your bail bondsmen and inform them of your desire to terminate the agreement. In this case, the defendant will go to jail until their court hearing.

Posting bail provides numerous benefits for anyone accused of a crime and who faces jail time. As a co-signer you can help that person to avoid jail and work with those who can help them mount a legal defense. However, you should spend quality time with your loved one or friend explaining the ramifications of not showing up to court and the burdens that it would place on you as well.

If you or a loved one is looking for a company that can offer the best bail bonds services, then contact us today to find out how we can help you get your life back on track.

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