Criminal Charges

Can I Expunge my NC Criminal Record?

Criminal ChargesAre you worried about your NC criminal record? The good news is that in December 2017, Governor Roy Cooper signed a law that helps more people expunge crimes from their records. This law can possibly help you, too. To help you understand the ins and outs of this Senate Bill 445, DJ’s Bail Bonds agency offers some information, below. Criminal charges can be expunged, and here is how.

What is New Under this law?

The new NC law reduces the amount of time you must wait to expunge your non-violent misdemeanor or felony convictions from your record. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a clear background check faster. As a result, you can more quickly get your life back in order.

Details of the new North Carolina expungement law include:

  • Misdemeanor convictions expunged at five years, instead of 15
  • Felony convictions expunged in 10 years, instead of 15
  • Unlimited dismissal expungement
  • Access remains available to all records by prosecutors and law enforcement personnel

As a result of the new expungement law, you can achieve a clean slate 10 to 15 years sooner than before the new law. Of course, you may need the help of a lawyer to get this record clearing done.

Expunge Your NC Criminal Record

To expunge your NC criminal record, first file your petition at the charging county courthouse. This involves filling out some paperwork related to your charge, case outcome, age and other facets of your case.

The criteria to expunge your criminal record include:

  • The required waiting period has completed
  • All court-ordered fees are paid and you have proof to support this
  • You are not on parole or probation anywhere
  • You have no criminal summons’ or warrants
  • Also, You have no open criminal cases
  • You have no pending criminal charges

Violent felony convictions are not usually eligible for criminal record expungement. But you can expunge a non-violent felony or misdemeanor. Of course, if the verdict in your case is not guilty, you can immediately request that the court expunge your record.

Expunge a NC Drug Charge from Your Criminal Record

If you are under the age of 22 and were convicted of a NC drug charge, you must wait between 12 months and 10 years to expunge your criminal record under the 2017 law. It is important to talk to your lawyer to find out where your charge falls within this time range.

Of course, if the court dismisses your case, you have no waiting period to expunge your record. In some cases involving first-time offenders, completion of the 90-96 drug education program immediately makes you eligible for criminal history clearing.

Expunge Your NC DWI

The non-violent misdemeanor class of charges in the expungement law excludes DWI convictions. In fact, DWIs are never eligible for removal from your criminal record, unless you receive a not guilty verdict or charge dismissal.

How long do I have to wait for my record to clear?

Once you start the process of clearing your NC criminal record, you can expect a typical waiting period of nine to 12 months. During this waiting period, your charges and convictions will still appear on your background check, such as for employment.

Get Out of Jail Quickly to Fight Your Charges

The best thing you can do for yourself after arrest is to get out of jail quickly when the court allows you to post bail. If you cannot afford bail, talk to a bail bond agency for the funding you need for release. This enables you to start working on your case with a lawyer, to fight your charges. Achieving a not guilty verdict or case dismissal are the two best ways to avoid permanent scars on your criminal record after arrest.

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