If you, a friend, or a loved one are locked in the overcrowded Wayne County Detention Center in Goldsboro NC, contact DJ’s Bail Bond’s Goldsboro NC location for immediate bail bonds service. DJ’s Bail Bonds services the Wayne County Detention Center and all Wayne County holding facilities. We move fast, so our clients are out of custody as soon as possible. Call DJ’s Bail Bonds Goldsboro NC location anytime 24/7/365 for immediate service.

Goldsboro bail bonds

DJ’s Bail Bonds experienced bondsmen handle all Goldsboro bail bonds, including:

Immigration bonds are often needed for green card holders or undocumented individuals to gain release from ICE custody while their cases are pending. Many detainees prevail in immigration cases. Immigration bonds prevent them from suffering incarceration during the lengthy administrative process.

Regardless of the charges, detainees have the right to bail. The U.S. Constitution guarantees bail and holds all accused persons innocent until proven guilty. DJ’s Bail Bonds takes pride in assisting our clients with their constitutional right to bail.

Bail bonds make release possible

Without bail bonds, defendants could languish in the Wayne Country Detention Center for months or years while awaiting trial. Many would serve time even if their cases are eventually dismissed. Others would serve disproportionately long sentences. In fact, without bail bonds, the county would have thousands of inmates it has no space to hold.

Thankfully, we live in America, where people’s freedom can’t be taken away just because they are accused of a crime. However, amount required for cash bail is often too high for detainees. Bail bonds allow prisoners with average or below financial resources to gain release by paying a bondsman just a fraction of the cash bail amount. The bondsman then pays the full amount to the court. When high bonds are set, most detainees need a bail bond to afford bail.

For example, Joe was arrested by the Goldsboro Police Department for assault and DWI after he got into an altercation at a bar and then drove away, to be stopped by the Goldsboro Police a few blocks down the road. Since he had a prior DWI and was facing two serious charges, the magistrate set his bail at $15,000.

Joe called his wife, who initially went into a panic because they didn’t have $15,000, and Joe’s job was the sole means of support for the family. She called DJ’s Bail Bond’s Goldsboro location, and the helpful bondsman informed her she could obtain a bail bond for Joe for just $2,250. She was able to raise this smaller amount. A few hours later, the bondsman bailed Joe out of the Wayne County Detention Center. Joe returned to his wife and children and kept his job. Because of that, he was able to afford a good lawyer, who got his charges reduced and kept him out of jail.

What if you can’t raise enough for a bail bond?

Many families confront this problem when courts set high bail. Often, friends and family are willing to help raise money for a bail bond. They understand that everyone has the right to a trial, and no one should sit in jail before they’ve been convicted or because they lack financial resources. The detainee’s attorney may also succeed in convincing a judge to reduce the bail.

Often, defendants or family members can raise bail-bond funds by borrowing against a home or car. Borrowing for a bail bond is often better than obtaining a property bond because it does not jeopardize the property. Sometimes, none of these options work. For that reason, DJ’s Bail Bonds offers an affordable payment plan to provide bail assistance for indigent defendants.

If you or a loved one is stuck in the Wayne County Detention Center, you want a bail bondsman who knows how to facilitate a fast release. DJ’s Bail Bonds gets bail posted for our clients right away. If you need a bail bond in Wayne County NC, call DJ’s Goldsboro NC location right away.