Orange County Bail Bonds

Orange County Bail Bonds 

Orange County Bail bonds exist to prevent people from suffering these consequences before they are convicted of a crime. They also help people who may ultimately receive sentences with no jail- or prison time. People free on bail bonds are also better able to earn money that assists with legal fees. Call 336-636-5300 now to speak with an agent.

The Orange County Detention Center in Hillsborough houses people awaiting trial in Orange County, NC. The detention center is located at 125 Court St. in Hillsborough, NC. In this facility, inmates have little time outside of their cells and remain isolated from the outside world. Inmates find it difficult to maintain relationships with people on the outside. 

Orange County Detention Center

Without bail bonds, many defendants would find bail unaffordable. Courts frequently set bail in the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. Some offenses require bail in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. In today’s economy, few people have thousands of dollars to spend on bail.

Bail bonds reduce the cost of release from the Orange County Detention Center to just 15 percent of the bail amount. For example, a bail bond reduces a $5,000 bail to just $750. A bail bond can be obtained by the defendant or someone on his or her behalf.

In the event the defendant and his or her family are unable to afford the bail bond fee, DJ’s Bail Bonds offers payment plans. Payment plans are often a necessity when the court has set a higher bail amount. To be released on a payment plan, the defendant or a cosigner must complete a payment plan agreement with the bondsman. The defendant must also sign an agreement to be present for all court hearings. Once the paperwork is complete, the defendant is freed.

For immediate bail bonds service, contact DJ’s Bail Bonds right away. Our Wake County branch handles bail bonds for all of Orange County and the Orange County Detention Center. Call 704-658 BAIL (2245).

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Types of Bail Bonds

DJ’s Bail Bonds provides virtually all types of bail bonds, both large and small. Some of the common bail bond types we handle include the following:

Felony Bail Bonds
DWI Bail Bond
Drug Possession Bail Bonds
Gun Possession Bail Bonds
Disorderly Conduct Bail Bonds
Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

Felony Bail Bonds

North Carolina law divides felony offenses into classifications. Lower classification felony charges often result in bail amounts in the low thousands of dollars, though the actual amount often depends on the defendant’s criminal history.

DWI Bail Bonds

The severity of the case, the defendant’s record, and whether injuries were involved all affect the bail amount.

Drug Possession Bail Bonds

Lower bail is possible for charges related to personal use; the courts take a dimmer view of trafficking and may require higher bail.

Gun Possession Bail Bonds

For people with criminal histories, possession of an illegal firearm can cause high bail. Being caught with an illegal firearm while out on bail leads to an immediate return to the Orange County Detention Center.

Disorderly Conduct Bail Bonds

If the person is not dangerous or charged with any felonies, bail costs can be on the lower side.

Domestic Violence/Restraining Order Bail Bonds

The severity of the offense plays a big part in the bail amount. Once released on a bail bond, the court usually orders the defendant to stay away from the alleged victim. This may prohibit the defendant from returning home. Revocation of bail can occur if the defendant returns to his or her place of residence.

The Orange County Detention Center is an unpleasant place to live. Getting out on bail is the top priority after an arrest. DJ’s Bail Bonds’ bondsmen facilitate the release of our clients day and night, weekend, weekday, or holiday. For immediate bail bond help, call 704-658 BAIL (2245).