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Raleigh Bail Bonds – Critical Bail System Facts You Need to Know

There are a number of key facts you should know concerning Raleigh bail bonds. The information could help you or your family make a key decision about posting bail. Remember, the main purpose of posting bail is to allow an arrested person to remain free until the court can determine a conviction. Bail also helps ensure that a person will return to court. Posting bail bonds allows individuals to help manage their defense and deal with specific legal matters.

⇒ A Judge is the Person Who Sets the Bail Amount $$$

Most people desire to exit jail as quickly as they can instead of waiting for an opportunity to go before a judge. Here are some bail facts that you should be aware of:

1. Most defendants who cannot afford bail are facing minor offenses on a low level. A significant number of those detained have no prior crimes on their record.

2. Being in jail can have serious consequences and impact a person’s life in a number of negative ways. People can lose their job and relationships can suffer. It is also a fact that being in lockup adds to overcrowding and unsafe conditions.

3. There is also another disturbing statistic which reveals that people who cannot post bail are more likely to commit another offense at some future date. This refers to a term called “criminogenic.”

4. The same set of bail facts also reveals that people who can post bail have greater odds of realizing an acquittal. These people are less likely to take a plea deal. In fact, a release from jail before a trial is akin to a verdict of not guilty in he minds of many. There are a number of legal studies that indicate those who do not post bail are more likely to receive a jail or prison sentence.

The Benefits of Working with a Raleigh Bail Bondsmen

A bail bond is refundable as long as an individual attends all court proceedings….

Every person has an inherent right to be in a position to prove their innocence:

Innocent until proven guilty means that a person should be able to retain their status and rights as a citizen when charged of a crime. A bail bond literally helps a person to maintain their right to freedom during their trial.

Freedom to move about allows a person to better prepare for trial and to present their case in a court of law. It is not hard to imagine that preparing for a trial can be challenging from the inside of a jail. A release on bail enables defendants to seek the legal help they need.

Posting bail with a Raleigh bail bondsmen also helps to create a financial incentive to appear in court. If an individual skips court dates, there is a likelihood they will have to pay their entire bail amount. Of course there are those people who forego considerable assets by not showing up for their hearings.

The reality is that the bail bond industry helps the criminal justice system to function. The United States, along with countries like Canada, often experiences crime waves. The system also helps lower recidivism rates by lessening the effect of unsecured release methods.

While the bail system does receive negative publicity and claims that it is unconstitutional, a closer look at the 8th Amendment may shed some light on the matter. The Constitution’s 8th Amendment does allow room for the practice of issuing bail. It bases bail on the concept of “sufficient surety” which sets the stage for a person to appear in court.

The Constitution also states that citizens should not have to pay an excessive bail. Many believe this led to the creation of the bail bond system as the United States knows it today. There are historical cases where excessive bail amounts caused undue stress on defendants. In many cases, a bail bondsperson provided a way to make bail amounts manageable.

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