Salisbury NC Bail Bonds

When you or a loved one are arrested and need a Salisbury NC bail bond, it can be a scary and stressful time. You may be in shock and rightfully concerned about the future. Perhaps you may worry about you or your loved one losing a driver’s license. You may fear losing your job and feel embarrassed. In some cases, the threat of prison time hangs over you.
While there is a time and place to address these concerns, the first step always needs to be getting you or your loved one out of the county jail as quickly as possible.

Salisbury NC bail bonds


That’s why DJ’s bail bonds is open 24/7/365. We will answer your call immediately. As soon as you speak to one of our bail agents, your mind will be put at ease. Our bondsmen take care of all the paperwork and get you or your loved one out of jail that day, often in just a few hours.

Remember, in the eyes of the law, we are all innocent until proven guilty. Just because someone has been arrested does not mean they will be found guilty. They may not have committed the crime, or they may have been charged with a much more serious crime than the circumstances merit. These issues are addressed during the litigation process.

You or your loved one also have the right to a trial. Unfortunately, the time it takes for a case to wend its way through the criminal justice system takes many months and sometimes years. Often, the case goes on longer than any potential penalty. For this reason, the constitution provides the right to bail. Getting out of jail while awaiting trial is a protected civil right because being held in jail is punishment, and no one has to suffer punishment unless they have been proven guilty in a court of law.

Bail Bonds Services

We serve the Salisbury community with a variety of different bail bonds. When you go through us, we will work with your unique circumstances to help you be free on bail. Some of our bail bond services include:

How bail works in Salisbury North Carolina

When arrested in Salisbury North Carolina, defendants appear before a magistrate who sets bail. In accordance with constitutional rights, magistrates set bail with the intention that most defendants will post bond and be released. There are exceptions, however. In cases where the defendant poses a risk to society if released, has a history of skipping bail, or is a habitual offender, the magistrate may require very high bail. In cases where defendants stand accused of very heinous crimes and pose a danger or flight risk, a magistrate may deny bail.

DJ’s bail bonds handles cash Salisbury NC bail bond amounts of up to $1 million. We are ready to help whether you need a small or large bail bond!

Once bail is set, defendants can bail themselves out of jail, if able, or a friend or loved one can bail them out. The person facilitating the release can either post the full cash bail amount or use a bail bonds company like DJ’s Bail Bonds, in which case he or she only needs to post 10 percent of the bail amount.

For example, Pete has been arrested by the Salisbury Police for DWI and battery, after an altercation with another motorist. Seeing Pete is charged with acting recklessly and violently and has a prior DWI, the magistrate sets a high bail amount of $20,000.

Pete calls his wife from Iredell County Jail, and they quickly conclude they have nowhere near $20,000, so paying the full cash bail isn’t an option. Pete remaining in jail isn’t an option, either. They have two kids and a mortgage, and Pete would lose his job!

Pete’s wife calls DJ’s Bail Bonds. A friendly Salisbury bail agent informs her that she only has to post $2,000, and DJ’s Bail Bonds will put up the remaining $18,000, securing Pete’s release. The bail agent takes care of all the paperwork, and within a few hours, Pete is home with his family.

What if you don’t have 10 percent of the bail?

We understand the importance of getting you or your loved one out of jail. First thing, jails are unpleasant places where it is impossible to be productive. Also, being away from your family is very damaging, both financially and emotionally. There is a reason bail is guaranteed by the constitution.

No one deserves to languish in jail while awaiting trial; however, a lack of resources can keep people in jail much longer than necessary. Thankfully, there are several methods of raising the money needed to bond out.

Loan from friends and family

People are often sympathetic about the horrendous damage being stuck in jail can do to someone’s life. In many cases, they know that you or your loved one probably won’t go to prison and shouldn’t be punished for a lack of money for bail.

Property bond

If you own property such as a house, car, artwork, or other valuables, a property bonds may be an option.

Charitable organizations

Many charitable organizations help people pay their bonds. These organizations exist to prevent people from being locked up because they lack the resources for bail.

DJ’s Bail Bonds also offers affordable payment plans to work within your budget.