Service Areas

DJ’s Bail Bonds services many areas with multiple locations:

Wake County Detention Center

We provide bail services for the Wake County jail in our main office located in Raleigh,NC. Our office is located minutes from the jail and convenient to I-40, US-70 and downtown. Our bail bondsman are in the office daily from 9-6pm and by appointment. The jail is located at 3301 Hammond Road on the edge of Raleigh heading to Garner, NC.

The jail normally releases defendants once a bond has been posted in a few hours. The wake county jail is not a friendly place to be or visit. If you chose to wait by the jail we recommend staying in your car and waiting for your loved one to come walking out the front door. The officers do not answer many questions and have provided many printed signs to let you know they can’t help you nor recommend a bail bondsman for you. We hope you count on us to provide your bail services in Raleigh, NC 24/7/365.

Johnston County Bail Bonds

The johnston county jail is located in Smithfield, NC just east of Raleigh. The court house and jail are located in the center of downtown. The jail and the magistrates office are located on the side of the jail and had a slight slope down where the entrance door can be located. The process to bond some one out in Johnston county is much quicker than Wake county but is still at least a couple hours for total process. We have agents serving Johnston County 24/7/365, just call 919-986-1547 and we are on the way.