Drug Possession Bail Bonds


If you need to post drug possession bail in Raleigh, then give us a call. We know all the ins and outs of the bail bonds system, and we’re to help out.

We can have your loved one out of jail fast, while giving you a great rate and great service.

Drug possession crimes are serious. If your friend or relative is caught with drugs or drug paraphernalia, the penalties could be severe. The penalties differ depending on the kind and amount of drugs.
Drugs are characterized by Schedules according to the risk and danger they pose to users. Marijuana, for example, is a Schedule VI drug due to its low risk of addiction and health issues. Heroin and LSD are at the top of the list because of the risks involved in taking them.

For all drugs up to Schedule I, possession is usually met with a misdemeanor. For Schedule I drugs, the penalty for possession is almost always a felony. However, if you are caught with large amounts of drugs in Schedules I-V, you could still be faced with a felony distribution charge. Regardless, you’re going to need drug possession bail in Raleigh if arrested for these crimes, so give us a call today!

No matter what kind of drug possession charge your friend or family member has been arrested for, we can get them out of jail fast. Call us today for drug charge bail bondsman services in Raleigh NC!