Large bail bonds

Large Bail Bonds
Large Bail Bond Specialist

It is important to select the right large bond specialist. Your worry-free swift freedom lies in the hands of your bail bond company. If you are looking for a  company that specializes in large bail bonds, then you’ve come to the right place.

At Dj’s Bail Bonds we have the ability to write bonds for over $1,000,000. That is why we are confident in our abilities. There are several reasons that people who need large bail bonds in Raleigh NC choose us.

All Charges Considered

We can help you regardless of the type of charges that you are facing. This includes things such as drug possessiongun possessionspousal abuseDWI bail bonds, and felony charges. We can also help people who have charges for white-collar crimes. White-collar crimes often have large bonds. We can even help people who are facing murder charges.

No Annual Premiums

We do not believe in making people pay twice. That is why you will not have to worry about paying any annual premiums to work with our company.


Many people do not have enough money to make a 10 percent down payment. They also do not have enough collateral to secure the bond. However, if you contact us, then we can help you find the best solution. We can even process your bond with as little as 3% down! Our goal is to take the stress out of this entire process.

If your friend or relative has been arrested and in need of a company specializing in large bail bonds, give us a call now. Our large bail bondsman service in Raleigh is 24/7 – we’re always on call to help you bail them out of jail. Don’t get help from less experienced, less trustworthy companies. Give us a call now at 919-986-1547