Gun Possession Bail Bonds

Raleigh Gun Possession Bail Bonds

Has a friend or relative recently been arrested for the illegal possession of a firearm? We are specialists when it comes to Gun Possession Bail Bonds. North Carolina has very lenient gun laws. If someone is found in violation of the laws, the costs could be high. Don’t let them stay in jail longer than they must! Call today for gun possession bonds in Raleigh and we’ll have them out in no time!

Gun laws in North Carolina are lenient, but there are a few conditions a person has to follow before they are allowed to own a gun. First of all, convicted felons or people who are currently under indictment for a felony are not allows to get permits to purchase firearms.

If you are caught without the proper permits, then you could be facing serious jail time. Gun laws in North Carolina are lenient because they allow conceal carry permits and open carry. Though, if you violate the laws, you could be facing Class 1 misdemeanor charges and even felony charges. If your friend or relative has been arrested for illegal gun possession and they need gun possession bail in Raleigh, give us a call today!

We are the ones you can count on for fast and effective 24/7 gun possession bail bondsman service in Raleigh. If your friend or relative has been arrested, don’t let them rot in jail any longer than they have to. DJ’s can get them out of jail fast! Call us today!