Durham Bail Bonds

The Durham County Jail in Durham NC is a terrible place to be while awaiting trial. Gang violence plagues the facility. Inmates are locked in cells for long periods of time each day, with limited ability to telephone family members and have visitors. Being incarcerated in the Durham County Jail is a punishment that isolates detainees from the outside world.Durham NC Bail Bondsman

If you, friend, or family member are locked in the Durham County Jail, contact DJ’s Bail Bonds Durham NC location. Our Durham NC bail bonds professionals are available 24/7/365. We get you or your loved ones out of custody at the Durham County Jail or any Durham County holding facility fast. Don’t spend one more minute in custody than necessary. Contact DJ’s Bail Bonds for immediate Durham NC bail bonds service.

You have the right to bail

The U.S. Constitution provides the right to bail. All persons enjoy the presumption of innocence. Deprivation of liberty without due process of law is illegal. DJ’s Bail Bonds is proud to help our clients with their constitutional right to bail.

Under North Carolina law, a magistrate sets bail shortly after arrest, usually within a few hours. Bail amounts are determined by the type of charge, the criminal history of the detainee, and the likelihood that the defendant will appear in court. Magistrates may allow people charged with low-level offenses a recognizance or a very low cash bond. People who face serious prison time are considered higher flight risks and are often held on very high cash bonds.

Bail bonds allow prisoners to gain release for a fraction of the bail amount. In many cases, bail bonds are the only way a person can get out of jail while awaiting trial. Bail bonds are very important because it often takes many months or years for a case to come to trial.

Don’t let years of your or your loved one’s life be wasted in the Durham County Jail when you are presumed innocent. Many Durham County Criminal Court cases are dismissed. Others result in dropped and reduced charges. Many people receive sentences that involve no jail or prison time. Contact DJ’s Bail Bond’s Durham office to get out of custody fast.

How bail bonds work

Bail bonds cost a fraction of the bail set by the court because the bail bondsman pays the full bail amount on behalf of the client. The client pays the bondsman a fee, usually 15 percent in total. This brings very high bail amounts down to an affordable level.

For example, Josh was arrested by the Durham Police for DWI and driving on a suspended license. Since he drove on a suspended license while intoxicated, the magistrate set his bail at $10,000. Josh called his parents, who didn’t have $10,000 and feared Josh would spend months in the Durham County Jail, forcing him to drop out of school. They contacted DJ’s Bail Bonds Durham NC location and were relieved to learn they could get a bail bond for just $1,500. Within a few hours, Josh was back home.

Bail bonds allow people to go on with their lives while their cases are pending. They can keep their jobs, be with their families, and earn income for legal costs. Contact DJ’s Bail Bonds to secure release today.

Durham Bail Bonds Services

We provide our clients all types of bail bonds in Durham NC. Our bondsmen work with your unique circumstances, so you or your loved one can get out of custody in Durham County NC right away. Bail bonds provided by DJ’s Bail Bonds includes the following:

Immigration bail bonds provide people awaiting immigration status hearings the opportunity to remain free while the administrative process continues. And of course, these processes can take many months or years. If you or a loved one are in Durham NC ICE custody or have an ICE detainer, contact DJ’s bail bonds right away.

What if you lack bail bond funds?

Then you should contact DJ’s Bail Bonds right away. There are many ways to raise bail bond funds. For instance, in the event you can’t pay the fee in full upfront, a DJ’s Bail Bondsman can put you on a payment plan. Once the fee is paid and the paperwork completed, you’re freed from jail on the promise of appearing in court on the scheduled date and time. Friends or family are often sympathetic and willing to contribute. Many people can borrow funds, especially from home equity loans or title loans. Your attorney may also request a reduction in bail.

No one should languish in the Durham County Jail while awaiting trial. Good people are booked into custody in Durham County every day. If you, a friend, or loved one are in custody in Durham NC, contact DJ’s Bail Bond’s Durham NC location for immediate help.