When someone is arrested in Bladen County NC, they need to follow their lawyer’s advice and immediately contact DJ’s Bail Bond’s Elizabethtown NC location. DJ’s Bail Bonds services the Bladen County Jail and all police holding locations and detention centers countywide. Our bondsmen know the system and facilitate very quick Elizabethtown NC bail bond. Bondsmen are available 24/7/365. We know there is never a good time to get arrested, and our Elizabethtown NC bondsmen get you out and back to your life right away. If you or a loved one are in Bladen County Jail, call DJ’s Bail Bonds in Elizabethtown NC right away.

Elizabethtown NC bail bond

What happens after a Bladen County NC arrest

Shortly after a Bladen County arrest, the local magistrate determines bond. The magistrate follows guidelines that provide recognizance or low-cost appearance bonds for defendants facing minor charges who are low flight risks. Magistrates give very high-cost bonds to people charged with major felonies, repeat offenders, and high flight risks.

Detainees may be taken straight to the Bladen County Jail, located at 105 Court St, Elizabethtown NC, or first to a police station holding cell. Unless they post bond quickly, detainees are promptly transferred from a holding cell to the Bladen County Jail. Detainees who cannot afford to post bond are booked as inmates in the Bladen County Jail, where they remain until they raise bail or go to trial.

How bail bonds work

Many cases are ultimately thrown out of court. Others result in reduced charges. Many defendants receive no jail time. Defendants are innocent until proven guilty, so they shouldn’t languish in prison while awaiting trial.

Bail bonds help defendants secure their constitutional right to bail. Secured bonds are often too expensive for average people unless they use a bail bond. Bail bonds allow the defendant to gain release by paying a bondsman just a fraction of the bail amount. The bondsman then pays the full bail amount to the court.

Bail Bonds Services

DJ’s Bail Bonds is proud to assist our clients with their constitutional right to bail. In America, the state cannot take anyone’s freedom without due process of law. This includes all American citizens, immigrants, and anyone charged with a crime. We provide both criminal and immigration bonds of all types, including:

Why bail bonds are so important

Cases take months and sometimes years to conclude. If incarcerated for that time, individuals are away from their families. They are unable to work and may lose their jobs. They cannot pay rents, mortgages, or car payments. They literally lose everything.

Bail bonds provide a way for people accused of a crime to remain with their families and maintain their responsibilities. Defendants also need to mount a legal defense. Bail bonds allow them to cover legal bills by keeping cash they would otherwise need for bail and continuing to earn an income.

When you or a loved one are arrested, securing a bail bond should be the first priority. There is little to do and no way to earn a living in the Bladen County Jail. Bail bonds save precious time.

What if you cannot afford a bail bond?

Many people find themselves stuck in Elizabethtown NC at the Bladen County Jail while awaiting trial. Their bail was set too high for their financial circumstances. This leaves them at a serious disadvantage.

The defendant’s lawyer may be able to convince the court to lower the bond. Also, friends and family members are often willing to contribute to a bail bond. They understand you or your loved one have not been convicted and that everyone has the right to a trial. Many charity organizations provide assistance to indigent defendants who are stuck in jail just because they lack financial resources. Many people will take loans, such as a title loan or home equity loan, and use the proceeds for a bail bond. Using loan proceeds for a bail bond does not place your property in jeopardy if the defendant fails to comply with the terms of bail.

No one should serve time before they are convicted. DJ’s Bail Bonds specializes in all types of bail bonds, both large and small. If you or a loved one are in custody in Bladen County NC, call DJ’s Bail Bonds for immediate bail bonds service.