Hillsborough Bail Bond


If you or a loved one have been arrested in Orange County, NC, don’t spend one more minute in custody than necessary. Contact DJ’s Bail Bond’s Hillsborough, NC location right away. Our Hillsborough, NC bail bonds experts are available 24/7/365 to take your call. We handle all types of bail bonds, both large and small. To be released from custody fast, call DJ’s Bail Bonds now.

Hillsborough Bail Bond

What happens after an Orange County, NC arrest?

After an Orange County, NC arrest, the detainee is booked at the local police station or the arresting agency’s headquarters. The detainee is then provided with a free telephone call. The detainee should use this call to inform family of his or her whereabouts and arrange bail. The detainee can contact DJ’s Bail Bonds directly from custody or have a family member call us. Our professional bondsmen will get to work on the detainee’s release right away.

How do bail bonds work?

Bail bonds reduce the amount the detainee and his or her family must pay to an affordable level. Instead of paying the full bail, the detainee or family pays the bail bondsman a fee of 15 percent of the bail. The detainee and family have no further financial obligations beyond the 15-percent fee.

The 15-percent fee can sometimes be impossible to afford right away. Because we understand that our clients deserve their freedom while awaiting their day in court, DJ’s Bail Bonds offers payment plans. A bondsmen can set you up on a payment plan, and, once the paperwork is completed, the detainee is released on condition of appearing in court at the scheduled time and date.

Courts determine bail in part based on the Bail Reform Act of 1966. The act was designed to require courts to make bail within the reach of all defendants, including the poor. The bail system had created an imbalance, where the poor often languished in jail for want of bail funds, only to be exonerated later. Many exonerated defendants were released from jail to find they had lost their jobs, homes, cars, and families. By providing affordable bail bonding services, DJ’s Bail Bonds helps good people avoid suffering because they lack bail funds.

Types of bail bonds

DJ’s Bail Bonds specializes in all types of bail bonds. Here are some of the common bail bond types:

Immigration Bail Bonds

ICE detention is much like being stuck in jail. Detainees are treated like prisoners and given limited contact with the outside world. To assist good, hardworking immigrants in obtaining their freedom while their immigration cases proceed, judges allow immigration bail bonds. If you or a loved one need to get out of ICE custody, contact DJ’s Bail Bonds Hillsborough location today.

Felony Bail Bonds

When you’re accused of a serious crime, it can seem like things are stacked against you. Nevertheless, the state still has to prove all of its claims in court. The first thing to do after arrest is arrange bail. DJ’s Bail Bonds can help you with an affordable felony bail bond.

Gun Possession Bail Bonds

Prosecutors often argue for high bail in these cases. Even if the court grants high bail, the state still has to prove its case. DJ’s Bail Bonds can help you with a gun possession bail bond, so you can remain free while awaiting the chance to tell your side of the story.

Disorderly Conduct

People often face this charge after a minor altercation. If you didn’t do anything wrong, you will have your chance to tell your version of events in court. Meanwhile, the Orange County Jail is the last place to be. Contact DJ’s Bail Bonds for immediate service.

DWI Bail Bonds

Courts are tough on DWI. After an arrest, it’s important for the court to realize that you are not a flight risk and won’t drink and drive while out on bail. We understand that if you do this, you deserve to remain free on bail. That’s why our bondsmen are available 24/7/365 to get you the DWI bail bond you need.

Bail bonds provide a necessary assistance to the community. If people cannot make bail, they lose time with their families, their jobs, and maybe even their cars and homes. That’s a terrible punishment for people who have yet to be convicted. Bail bonds prevent these terrible consequences by making bail affordable. If you or a loved one need a bail bond after an Orange County, NC arrest, contact DJ’s Bail Bonds Hillsborough location right away.