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Being locked up in the Harnett County Jail is no picnic. If your loved one is in there, you are naturally anxious to get them out. To facilitate their release quickly and economically, you need an experienced Lillington bail bonds agent that services the Harnett County and surrounding North Carolina areas.

Lillington bail bonds

Call now at 919-832-0222 DJ’s Bail Bonds gets you or your loved one out fast. We know the pressure you are feeling. When someone is locked up in jail, they are away from their family. They cannot get to their job. It can seem like a catastrophe. The good news is that DJ’s Bail Bonds provides a way to get out of jail fast.

You have a right to bail

One of the many benefits of living in America is that you cannot be held in jail arbitrarily. In a free country, you have to be convicted of a crime before the state can subject you to punishment, and incarceration of any kind is punishment. That’s why the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to bail. At DJ’s Bail Bonds, we are proud to assist North Carolina residents with this important constitutional right.

How bail bonds work

Bail bonds provide a way for defendants who find the cash bail too high to get out of jail while awaiting trial. When you work with a bail bondsman, you only need to put down a fraction of the cash bail that the court requires. Most defendants find paying the cash bail a hardship. In fact, cash bail amounts are often entirely out of reach. Thankfully, the amount required for bail bonds is much lower.

After an arrest in Lillington North Carolina, a magistrate assigns a bail amount. Bail amounts are assigned based on the court’s view of the likelihood a defendant will show up for court. The more likely the defendant is to show, the lower the bail. For this reason, defendants with less exposure to prison time receive much lower bail. When defendants are charged with more serious crimes and have previous convictions, they face more jail time and are considered higher flight risks.

The vast majority of cases allow for bail.

For example, Martha is arrested by the Lillington Police for DWI and marijuana possession. Because she has a prior drug conviction, the court required a fairly high bail of $10,000. Martha is a single mother with less than $200 in her checking account, so posting a $10,000 bail is out of reach. She also can’t be stuck in jail because she needs to take care of her young daughter and could lose her job. Martha contacts her mother, who contacts DJ’s bail bonds.

Martha’s mother is relieved to find out she only has to pay the bondsman 15 percent of the bail, or $1,500. She can afford to handle the Lillington NC Bail Bond. The helpful bondsman takes care of everything, giving Martha’s mother peace of mind. Within a few hours, Martha is released.

Bail Bonds Services

We serve the Lillington NC community with a variety of different bail bonds. When you go through us, we will work with your unique circumstances to help you get out of jail fast. Our bail bond services include:

Do you need a bail bondsman?

his depends on the bail amount. Some defendants are granted a recognizance bond. For a recognizance bond, the defendant is released without having to post any bail, so a bail bondsman is unnecessary. Recognizance bonds are granted for defendants facing minor charges who are not considered flight risks.

If you can afford the full cash bail, you can post bail without a bondsman. This option may be fine for very small bail amounts. Once the bail amount goes into the thousands, it becomes unfeasible for most people.

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Even if you have enough cash for a high bail, it’s often wise to still use a bondsman. If high bail is required, you likely face serious charges and will need a defense attorney. By using a bondsman, you can put that money toward attorney fees. Using Martha as an example, her mother may have $10,000 in her bank account, but if she posted all of it to get Martha out, she could not help her daughter retain an attorney. Also, Martha’s mother may need that money for emergencies during the time that Martha’s court case remains active, which could be many months or years.

What if you cannot raise enough for a bail bond?

Sometimes friends and family are willing to help. Many people are very understanding that you or your loved one made a mistake and don’t deserve to be stuck in jail because of a lack of bail funds. They also understand arrest and conviction are not the same. Many defendants are exonerated.

If you have property, such as real estate, vehicles, or other assets, you may be eligible for a property bond. Even better, take a loan against the property to pay for the bail bond. Additionally, way your property is not in jeopardy if bail is surrendered.

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