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No one is ever excited at the aspect of being arrested. If you need a professional to process an Oxford NC bail bond we can help. Going to jail is an even more uncomfortable situation to be in. From the click of the cuffs to the ride in, to processing, there are a million things that go through your head. What going to happen to me? How will I explain this to my boss? How do I explain this to my family? Is this really happening to me? Take a deep breath and remember that you still a have options. The first thing that you are going to need is to GET OUT OF JAIL and Fast. That’s where DJ Bail Bonds of Oxford comes in. With affordable options and they know how to get you out with fast. You can put your fears to rest and get back on track with your life.

How bail bonds work

Always working under the assumption that you are innocent until proven otherwise. You might find that a lot of arrests that involve simple and understandable situation often don’t even make there a way to trial. Especially for 1st-time offenders. The state understands that people make mistakes and that not every situation are black and white. It’s the judge’s responsibility to fairly and accurately weigh the evidence and the situation out that way the law is upheld. Not to drop the hammer on every defendant in the court. DJ Bail Bonds of Oxford will provide the Bail bonds that allow the defendant to gain release by paying a bondsman just a fraction of the bail amount. The bondsman then pays the full bail amount to the court This is, of course, the best option to go with every time because it allows you to hold on to more of your money, so you can use it to defend yourself in court.

Bail Bonds Services

Making Oxford a place where you know you can rely on the best bail bonds services is our goal here at DJ Bail Bonds. It always brings a smile to our face when we know that we can help those in the most need. With affordable options to provide to you. DJ Bail Bonds of Oxford understands that obstacles in life do happen come up and that you deserve the greatest of care and attention in the arena of the law.

We Provide Services in:

Knowing your Rights, Immigration Bonds

One of the biggest hot-button issues right now in this political atmosphere is the subject of immigration. This complex issue has many windows and doors. DJ Bail Bonds of Oxford will be the first suggestion your lawyer will tell you to give a call. Listen to your lawyer and make the right choice first. ICE is not all powerful and you do have the right to be on bail while you wait for your court date. Let’s make America Great Again by exercising your right be constitutionally protected by the law.

Gun Possession

At times very expensive and certainly a controversial issue. Gun Possession charges require highly experienced and fully licensed bail bonds company to get you out from jail. Judges must weigh the overall responsibility that they have to the public against your personal right to protect yourself. To do that they place a hefty price on the bail amounts in gun possession charges to ensure your obedience to keeping yourself out of trouble while back in the real world.

Drug Possession Bail Bonds

Drug possession charges take things to a completely different scale in the ways of seriousness. Depending on the type of drug you are found t have in your possession and amount you could be looking at a very long prison term. At this point, the magistrate will want to know and confirm any previous charges related to drugs. DJ’s has time and time again proven to the court that we can keep delivering on the promise that you will be in court. This puts you in a better position to get a bonded.

Felony Bail Bonds

Felony Bonds are not easy to secure. There are a lot of factors that a judge must consider while assessing whether you may be a flight risk. That’s why when bail is an option for a defendant the amount is substantial. Working with DJ’s Bail Bond of Oxford will assure that you have a speedy release and we can find a way to get the money you need for release. It also helps that having the DJ’s Bail Bonds hold a lot of weight for the magistrates in this state being put to ease with you not being a potential flight risk.

Disorderly Conduct Bail Bonds

From Time to time we all like to get a bit rowdy and really let loose but sometimes when you’re having fun you can be caught on the wrong side of the law. It’s at times like these where we really begin to understand that we must temper fun with responsible behavior. Don’t worry, we all make mistakes. That doesn’t mean we should have to suffer unjustly for them. We do the right thing and move to the next chapter of our life and with disorderly conduct cases, you have a good chance of getting the case dropped. DJ’s Bail Bonds will be able to get you out fast and have you on the way to sweet freedom fast.

DWI Bail Bonds

Drinking responsibly is something we all practice but sometimes we forget that with drinking and fun that our limits are only so high. When we go beyond those limits and then get behind the wheel of a car. It can create not only a dangerous situation for us but also others out on the road as well. Don’t worry even in the late hours of the morning DJ’s Bail Bond of Oxford will be there to get you out free and focused on getting you back out on the road. Just remember to drink responsibly and save yourself from the hassle of losing your license and your life.