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When you or a loved one are booked into the Iredell County Jail, you’ll need someone that specializes in Statesville NC Bail Bonds. A Bail Bondsman is the fastest, surest, and safest method of securing release. Statesville Bail bondsman are professionals who facilitate the release of Iredell County detainees every day. They know the process, handle all the paperwork, and relieve you of the huge stress of dealing with or being stuck in the Iredell County Jail.DJ’s Bail Bonds in Statesville, North Carolina is open 24/7/365

Statesville bail bonds

We understand that there is no convenient time to get arrested. People are taken into custody in the middle of busy weekdays, in the middle of the night, and during holidays. Our bondsman take pride in getting clients out of custody as soon as possible.

When you or a loved one faces criminal charges, it’s natural to be upset and fearful of the future. It’s important to remember that the U.S. Constitution holds defendants innocent until proven guilty, and affords them the right to post bond while awaiting trial. The charges against you or your loved one may be dismissed or lowered. The only important thing at this juncture is securing release from jail.

Bail Bonds Services

We serve the Statesville community with a variety of different bail bonds. When you go through us, we will work with your unique circumstances to help you be free on bail. Some of our bail bond services include:

Do you need a Statesville NC bail bondsman?

In most cases, yes, however when charged with minor offenses, particularly in cases of people with no criminal history, the court may require no bond be posted. Because the charges are minor, the court views the defendant as highly likely to show up in court. Defendants must sign a document that commits them to showing up for all court dates. If defendants fail to appear, they face arrest and will likely need a bondsman at that point to get out of custody.

When the court requires cash bail, using a bail bondsman always works to your advantage.

How do Statesville bail bonds work?

In North Carolina, a magistrate sets bail shortly after the arrest. The law allows detainees to gain release through a bail bondsman. By using a bail bondsman, you pay just 15 percent of the bail amount through the bondsman, who secures release for you. For this reason, a bondsman is very important. The cash bail amounts are often too high for most defendants, while the bond amount is manageable.

For example, a defendant may be booked into Iredell County Jail and ordered held on a $10,000 bail. For most people, a $10,000 bail is unmanageable. Since the bond amount would be just 15 percent, of $1,500, many defendants are able to secure release through a bail bondsman.

In order to gain release for the lower bond amount, defendants must go through a local Statesville NC bail bondsman. Courts require this because the bondsman provides a guarantee that the defendant shows up in court. The bondsman is responsible to the court for the entire bail amount. As a result, if a defendant fails to appear, the bondsman risks losing the entire bail amount. Because the bail bond company must bear this risk and maintain operations, the 15-percent bond paid to the bondsman is nonrefundable.

Why you should use a bail bondsman, even if you can raise the cash bail

Even if you have $10,000 in savings, imagine the hardship of having that money tied up by the courts for months or potentially years, as the case moves through the criminal justice system. Most people need those savings for other expenses or to cover emergencies, such as car repairs, appliance repairs, or loss of income. It is much easier to part with $1,500 then to have $10,000 tied up indefinitely.

Also, that cash bail amount may be needed for legal fees. Even if you or your loved one faces minor charges, several thousand dollars in legal fees usually results. For serious charges, fees can go much higher. If a trial is required, the costs can be astronomical. For this reason, it is always better to retain your cash and use a bail bondsman.

What do you do if you can’t raise the bond amount?

This unfortunate situation occurs in America every day. At DJ’s Bail Bonds, we understand what you’re going through. No one should languish in jail just because they lack bail money.

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Helpful info:

The Iredell County jail has a 1-2 hour processing time before a person receives a bond. Once a DJ’s bail bondsman posts a bond in Iredell County it takes 30 minutes before the inmate is released.