TROY NC Bail Bonds


Every day, dozens of people are arrested in Montgomery County NC for major felonies, DWI, drug possession, and a variety of misdemeanor offenses. The majority of them are eligible for bail. Often, the full bail amount is a hardship or simply out of reach. Thankfully, bail bonds allow detainees to gain immediate release for a fraction of the bail amount. If you, a loved one, or a friend have been arrested in Montgomery County NC, contact DJ’s Bail Bond’s Troy NC location. We provide immediate Troy NC bail bonds service 24/7/365.

TROY NC bail bonds

Our professional bondsmen are dedicated to freeing our clients from custody fast. We understand that everybody in America enjoys a presumption of innocence, one of the principles that make our country great. We also understand that many charges are dropped or reduced, and that good people find themselves processed into Montgomery County Jail in Troy NC every day.

Being arrested is no picnic. It’s stressful and leads to feeling intense pressure, both for the detained person and their loved ones. Our bondsmen work to alleviate that pressure by facilitating a fast release, so detainees can get back to their families. Call DJ’s Bail Bonds right away and our professional bondsmen will explain how to get you or your loved one released. They will handle the process on your behalf and put your mind at ease.

What happens after a Montgomery County NC arrest?

The arresting agency takes the detained person to their station or straight to the Montgomery County Jail, depending on the circumstances. Those detained in a police station must make bail quickly, or they will be transferred to the jail. The Montgomery County Jail is located at 111 W. Main Street, Troy NC. DJ’s Bail Bonds services the Montgomery County Jail and all holding facilities in the county.

Under North Carolina law, a magistrate must set bail shortly after the arrest. The magistrate must set a reasonable bail. Small offenses may not require bail, while major felonies and a criminal history are often grounds for high bail. In those cases, most detainees need a bail bondsman to secure release while awaiting trial.

How bail bonds work

As an example, Frank was arrested by the Troy NC Police for DWI and drug possession at a DWI checkpoint. The magistrate noted that Frank had an extensive arrest record for drugs, so he set the bond at $20,000. Frank contacted his wife in a panic. They didn’t have $20,000, and he was sure if he was stuck in jail for very long he’d lose his job. She contacted DJ’s Bail Bonds and was relieved to learn she needed just $3,000 for a bail bond. Frank was back with his family in a matter of hours. He kept his job and with the money they saved on bail costs, they hired a superstar lawyer who was able to achieve a great result.

Bail bonds make bail affordable for people with average or low incomes. They are speedy. Most bail bond releases occur right away. In exchange for the low bail bond fee, the bondsman goes to the jail and personally facilitates release. If you are out of the area and need to bail someone out of Montgomery County Jail, our bondsmen can handle everything with you over the phone and go to the jail to secure your loved one’s release.

There are many types of bail bonds. DJ’s Bail Bonds provides service for all types, including:

Immigration bail bonds are a special type of bail bond that allows immigrants detained by ICE to remain free while their immigration cases process. Since the administrative process often takes many months or years, immigration bonds are important. If you or a loved one need an immigration bond to get out of ICE custody in Montgomery County NC, contact DJ’s Bail Bond’s Troy NC location.

When you or a loved one are in custody, obtaining release is the top priority. DJ’s Bail Bonds makes the process quick and worry-free. If you need a bail bond in Montgomery County NC, contact our Troy NC bail bonds pros at 910-572-3000.