The Chronology of an Arrest - DJ's Bail Bonds

The Chronology of an Arrest – DJ’s Bail Bonds

When law enforcement arrests a person, there are a number of events that will likely follow. Everyone has constitutional rights, and the police must follow certain legal procedures to make sure they do not violate those constitutional rights. Law enforcement completes the arrest the moment after a suspect enters custody and he or she is not able to walk free. It is at this point that an individual should begin thinking ahead about the bail bonds process and other events that will follow.

Understanding Your Rights

Not everyone knows their rights during an arrest. It is helpful to know these rights. Miranda v. Arizona established that law enforcement must explain a person’s rights before questioning can begin after an arrest. The ruling protects a person’s Fifth Amendment right not to self-incriminate.

In review, the law states that a person has a right to remain silent, and that any information they provide can be used against them in a court of law. A person also has a right to an attorney before speaking with the police, and they can request an attorney’s presence for any future questioning. A person also has the right to stop answering questions and to request an attorney.

Certain police actions may take place after a police stop. The police may search for concealed weapons and contraband or check for stolen items on the person or in their possession. The police may also remove property and have the individual sign the inventory list. Once the arrest takes place, the police will book the person in jail. They will take fingerprints and information such as the person’s address and birth date etc.

Setting Bail

After an arrest, a person should post bail immediately. The goal is to gain freedom so that the defendant can address their legal options. The Eighth Amendment does establish that an individual should not have to face an excessive bail amount. Posting bail can also serve as a guarantee that an arrested person will appear in court on time. This is why the bail amount is not supposed to be more than reasonable.

Your next step is to find a Raleigh bail bondsmen that you can trust and rely on. A Raleigh bail bonds professional may allow payment for the bail bond through cash or check, signing over rights to personal property, or acceptance of jewelry. The bail bonds agency may also make arrangements for the defendant to make payments on their bond. Their goal is to offer solutions that will help the arrested person get free from jail.

Find the Right Attorney

When faced with criminal charges, the last thing a person should want is to end up behind bars. Lockup places a great deal of strain on the defendant as well as family members. Freedom allows person to get their legal affairs in order. Of course, a person must consider their ability to pay for a lawyer.

Even if the person cannot hire their own personal attorney, they still have the right to an attorney regardless of their ability to pay. If a person is indigent, they courts can assign a public defender. There are some who feel that a public defender may not be the best choice. Public defenders are often overworked which can lead to weak representation. The best approach is to hire a lawyer that can give you the level of representation you need.

Bail exists to protect a person’s fundamental rights. The law assumes their innocence until that person is proven guilty. A person deserves the decency and respectful treatment that any member of society receives. Meeting bail releases a person from jail and allows that person to get on with their daily life, to work, and to continue supporting their family.

The results of bail, and a person securing an attorney, can possibly result in the person not being charged of a crime, or convicted of a lesser crime than originally charged with. There is no upside to being stuck in jail while waiting for trial procedures.

If you or a loved one experiences an arrest, embrace your legal rights and their rights as well. Work with a Raleigh NC bail bonds person to post bail. Then find a competent lawyer that can represent you in court. The world does look more favorably on those who can post bail and hire an attorney. Call DJ’s Bail Bonds today to learn more about our services.

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