Avoid Bail Bond Scams

Avoid Bail Bond Scams by Working with a Reputable Bondsman in Wake Forest

The right to post bail after your Wake Forest, North Carolina arrest is a privilege, not a guarantee. If the judge lets you leave jail to work on your defense, count yourself among the lucky ones. But to get out, you probably have to work with a bail bondsman. To do this, be sure you know how to avoid common bail bond scams.

Common Bail Bond Scams

Avoid Bail Bond ScamsThere is probably a scam for every process in this world. Bail bond scams are among these disreputable offerings. But how can you tell a bail bond scam from a legal practice by a reputable Wake Forest bond agency? Below are some common tactics used by scam artists:

Cold Calling

Reputable bail bond agencies do not do cold calls. So if you get a call from someone claiming that your loved one is in lockup and needs a way out, hang up the phone. Call the person who was supposedly jailed. If you cannot find them, call their workplace, friends or relatives with whom they spend time. You can also call area jails to find out if he or she is being held.

If a bail bondsman calls you on behalf of a loved one, it is not a cold call. They will tell you your loved one’s name, where they are being held and other important details.


Reputable bail bondsmen in Wake Forest do not approach upset family members in jail hallways or waiting areas. You should be the one to initiate contact with a bond agent, not the other way around. If someone comes up to you on the jail premises and hands you a business card or tries to win your business, it is possibly a bail bond scam.

Requesting Payment by Phone

To bail your loved one out of jail, you must sign a contract. This is also when you pay the bondsman. If someone requests payment by phone, they are probably not a legitimate bond agent.

Threatening Behaviors

Any bail bond agency that acts threatening or abusive is not working in accordance with the law and their certification. They do not have the right to detain you without an arrest warrant, even if you did not pay as required.

How to Avoid a Bail Bond Scam

Avoiding a bail bond scam is easier when you follow some simple rules. These rules include:

Avoid “Discounts”
Discounted or “cheap” bail bonds are usually the pathway to a scam. Remember, you only have to pay 15 percent of your bail amount when you work with a licensed bail bond agent in North Carolina. Any discounts beyond this amount typically point to trouble.

Only Work with a Licensed Bail Bondsman
To become a bail bondsman in North Carolina, an individual must go through the licensing requirements. They also must always carry their license with them. If you wonder if someone is a legitimate agent or a bail bond scam artist, ask to see their license. If they deny this request or say they do not have it on them, end the conversation and work with someone else.

Sign a Contract
A legitimate bail bond requires paperwork. You must sit down with the agent and provide supporting documents, such as your driver’s license and employment verification. If someone does not go through this paperwork process with you, they are probably part of a bail bond scam.

Run a Background Check
To confirm the reputability of your bail bond agency, conduct an online search. Read their reviews and ensure they maintain a solid online presence.

Work with a Reputable Wake Forest Bail Bond Agency

The safest way to get your loved one out of jail without any problems is to work with a reputable bail bond agency. DJ’s Bail Bonds has served the Wake Forest community and surrounding areas with trust, honesty and respect for almost a decade. This is how we will serve you and your loved one. Call us 365 days per year and 24/7 for bail bonds at (919) 986-1547. We hope that these help you avoid bail bond scams in the future!