NC Bail Bond Payment Options to Consider

Bail Bond Payment Options to Consider

There are a number of bail bond payment options that a Wake County bail bonds company may consider for clients. Of course, it depends on the bail bonds company and how it chooses to conduct business. Most all bail bonds companies take cash, some checks, and others prefer a credit card. Some are willing to accept personal property collateral as a bail bond payment. Whatever the payment method, a Raleigh bail bondsman is there to help defendants to get out of jail faster.

1. Credit card payments can be one of the fastest and most convenient ways to make a payment. They can also be one of the quickest ways to free the defendant from jail. Many clients are happy and surprised that they can actually arrange for bail without having to visit a bail bond company office. They can avoid having to take time off or to travel late at night to complete the bail contract. Paying by credit card is a convenience for anyone who lives a considerable distance from the bail bond company’s office.

2. A defendant may also be able to arrange no-interest bail financing. This is when the bail company allows the defendant to make bail bond payments with no interest. Occasionally some bail bonds companies will consider the fact that an unexpected expense can occur and interfere with a payment or two. This plan can remove the worry of revocation that might arise from an inability to pay. There are bond companies that want their clients to focus on getting through the client’s case.

Undoubtedly a payment plan does not require a defendant to have perfect credit. Therefore there are a number of alternate considerations a bail bondsman may take into account. This can include how long the defendant has lived at their residency, arrest history, employment history, and their ability to make their payment. Whatever the case, the defendant should be upfront and honest about what they can afford to pay. The payment should be reasonable enough to pay the remainder of the bail fee.

3. There are real estate liens and bail bond collateral that a company may also consider. Where collateral is allowed, some form of a real estate lien may apply. If the bail bond is a high-dollar amount, this may be the only path for some defendants to take. It could also be a requirement if the defendant is risky with very few ties to their community. A real estate lien can also serve as an incentive for a defendant to appear in court. Skiping bail could cause the defendant to lose their property.

Real Estate as Collateral

Real esate can also apply to any piece of land or the natural resources that lie on or in the land. Livestock and even water can fall under the category of real estate. A family member or friend can also use their real estate for a bail bond payment.

Vehicles as Collateral

It may be possible to offer up a motor home, boat, ATV, camper, car or truck as collateral. Like any other type of payment, failure to attend every court proceeding may cause a person to forfeit their collateral item.

Precious Metals or Jewelry

Some defendants possess gold, silver, or some type of precious metal. These items may have significant cash value. Of course a company that provides Raleigh bail bond service will have to assess an item’s market value before determining its collateral worth.

Savings and Investments

Even the contents of a savings account can serve as collateral in some instances. Stocks, bonds, and CDs may also be able to qualify.

Accesss to Raleigh NC bail bonds can seem like a lifesaver when a person needs to get out of jail to tend to legal matters. There is also the fact that people who can post bail statistically have better trial outcomes than people who cannot post bail.

Freedom from jail allows a defendant to seek the legal and family support they need to make it through challenging times. The big thing to remember for defendants is to obey any court requirements, and to show up for each hearing after posting bail. A support group of family members or friends can be a good thing as well.

DJ’s Bail Bonds is there to help. Dealing with the criminal justice system can be difficult and challenging. We can handle the difficult details for our clients, and work with them to make sure they meet their court obligations.