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6 Key Questions to Ask Your Bail Bonds Company

No one plans to need the services of a bail bonds company, much less so to end up in jail. But this life situation happens to 3.4 out of every 100 people in North Carolina. If you or someone you care about suddenly need these services, how do you know which company to call? How do you measure their quality, beyond asking them if they have a state license?

Below, we look at six key questions to ask your NC bail bonds company, before signing to get someone out of jail.

1. How much will I pay for your services?

Bail Bonds CompanyApplying for a bail bond requires you to pay a percentage of the bail amount. This secures your loan by showing the bail bonds company that you intend to stand up to your end of the agreement. It also protects them, if you default on your obligations. Although you usually must pay this in cash when applying for the bond, you can also use personal collateral.

Bail bonds company fees vary from one agency to the next. But this amount should be fair. Find an agency whose fees you can afford, whether outright or through a payment plan.

2. Do you serve my area?

A bail bond company works within a specific area. For example, DJ’s Bail Bonds serves specific counties in North Carolina. These NC counties include:

  • Chatham County
  • Franklin County
  • Harnett County
  • Johnston County
  • Lee County
  • Wake County

The positive side of your bail bondsman working within a specific area is their immediate accessibility to you. They can help you 24 hours per day and seven days per week, every day of the year. They process bail quickly because they know the region, its jails and people who work within the system. This firsthand knowledge is critical for receiving the service you need quickly.

3. What is your Better Business Bureau rating?

The Better Business Bureau is a consumer advocate for all types of companies. As part of this advocacy, they provide a BBB rating for each known entity. They also mediate customer complaints and help provide those consumers with resolutions. Check the BBB rating and complaints history for the bail bonds company you choose to work with, such as DJ’s Bail Bonds of North Carolina. DJ’s Bail Bonds has zero customer complaints and an A+ rating.

4. Do you offer the type of bond I need?

Every bail bond company does not offer all types of bonds. For example, some only serve up to a specific dollar limit, while others only work with clients who need high-dollar bail. Still, others do not provide domestic violence or felony bonds. For this reason, you need to find a bail bonds company that can meet your specific needs.

5. How soon can you get me out of jail?

Do not trust a bail bonds company that promises immediate release. Bail bondsmen do not control the jail, such as in how quickly they process your release. A good bail bondsman in your area knows city and county jails, as well as how long they typically take to process release requests. This means a reputable company can give you an idea of how long it can take, but they do not make any promises.

6. What happens after my release?

Remember, you must attend all court hearings on time after your release. Your bail bonds company should explain your obligations and the terms of your bail, to ensure you have no questions.

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DJ’s Bail Bonds is happy to answer all of your questions before and after bonding you out of jail. Our number one goal is to help our clients get through the bonding process as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Call us at (919) 986-1547 to discuss your bail options now.