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Will a Bounty Hunter Come after Me If I Skip Bail?

North Carolina state government protects the interests of its more than 10 million citizens. Among the laws in place is one that permits bounty hunting. However, the state also prohibits the use of this term of “hunting,” instead of calling people filling this role “bail bond runners.” Bail runners perform many of the same duties as traditional bounty hunters, doing so under license from the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

What Do North Carolina Bounty Hunters Do?

bounty hunterBail bond runners, like other states’ bounty hunters, conduct research and investigate fugitives from justice. These fugitives are those who have neglected to appear for hearings while out on bail and as required by the court. As bail runners locate their fugitives, they use thorough planning to apprehend these people while keeping the public safe. These state licensed bail runners receive payment according to their fee, a percentage of the fugitive’s bail. This is typical for bounty hunters.

Being a bounty hunter takes a lot of work. To qualify for this role, a person must fulfill multiple legal obligations and meet certain standards. They also must bring their own integrity and reason to their work. Otherwise, fugitives, citizens and even the bounty hunter himself or herself risks injury.

Requirements for North Carolina Bounty Hunters

Before someone becomes a licensed bail runner in North Carolina, they must meet state standards. These standards of the North Carolina Department of Insurance include:

  • Age 21 years or older
  • High school or GED graduate
  • Minimum of six months’ residency in NC
  • Valid NC driver’s license or state-issued ID
  • No felony convictions
  • No outstanding bail bond obligations

After meeting these basic standards, there are other steps required of someone seeking to work as a bail bond runner. These steps include:

  • 12 hours’ education from an approved pre-licensing education (PLE) provider
  • 12 months’ supervision by a licensed bail bondsman
  • Completed license application
  • Payment of a $233 state application fee
  • A passing score on the bail bond runner’s exam
  • Payment of the exam fee of $51.50
  • Fingerprinting and criminal background check

Steps for becoming North Carolina’s version of a bounty hunter also include providing two different documents that prove residencies, such as utility bills or a lease. Once licensed as a bail runner, this license remains valid for six months.

Once receiving a license, a North Carolina bail bond runner can only work under another licensed bondsman’s supervision for the first 12 months. They must renew their license on January 30 of each year and keep up with three hours’ continuing education annually. Renewal of their license also requires payment of a $60 fee.

Will a bounty hunter come after me if I skip bail?

If you do not appear in court as required, your bail bondsman makes every possible effort to locate you. It is best to stay in contact with your bail bondsman and your attorney if you make this big mistake. If you are a fugitive and do not stay in contact or do as the courts require, it is likely that your bounty hunter will contract with a bail bond runner to find you.

This is a “worst-case” scenario for someone bonded out of jail. No one wants to end up back in jail with no chance for bail. It can take a very long time for the courts to schedule your hearings. Even worse, you never know what could happen to delay these hearings or your trial. A good example of such an unexpected delay is the recent covid-19 pandemic that put many courts on hold and kept people in jail for months longer than usual.

Do As Your Bail Bondsman and the Courts Require

As someone out on bail, you must do what the courts tell you to do. In particular, this means appearing for all of your hearings. You are also obligated to meet the requirements of your bail bond agreement. Otherwise, you put yourself and the public at risk, necessitating the services of a licensed bounty hunter. The courts do not consider this a small matter. Your bail bondsman does not take losing their money lightly, either.

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