drug possession arrest

Steps to Take after Your Drug Possession Arrest in North Carolina

drug possession arrest

police officer and man arrested for drug possession.

A drug possession arrest in North Carolina is serious. It will change your life, one way or another. But what happens to your everyday life and the consequences you face largely depend upon the steps you take following your arrest.

In our state, the substances involved in a drug possession arrest typically include heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and party drugs like MDMA. The recent years have brought an increase in opioid abuse, in particular. North Carolina has not been immune to that trend. As a result, the state’s courts have been flooded with drug possession arrests and people trying to navigate the judicial processes and criminal justice system.

In North Carolina’s prisons, the population as of November 30, 2020 was 30,267 men and women. Within this population, 4,268 prisoners are held on drug-related offenses. These offenses include drug trafficking, drug possession and driving while impaired. You could join this population after your drug possession arrest, unless you make good use of your time before your court hearings.

Steps to Take after Your North Carolina Drug Possession Arrest

After your drug possession arrest, you need to secure the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. A qualified attorney will help you fight your charges and reduce their impact on your daily life.

A drug possession arrest results in federal charges. From one district to another, the associated laws for these crimes vary. How long you stay in jail also varies according to the amount of drugs you had in your possession upon arrest and your past criminal record. If your charges are serious, you can face years or even a lifetime in prison.

Steps to take after your drug possession arrest in North Carolina include:

Invoke Your Rights Under the 4th Amendment
Unlawful search is grounds for dismissal of your charges, in some cases. Have your lawyer examine whether your case involves unlawful search and, if so, whether the evidence against can be thrown out of court.

Acquaint Yourself with Active Possession vs. Constructive Possession
Active possession involves drugs found on your body, bag, purse or pocket. Constructive possession is an arrest for which you had no contact with the substances at the time of your arrest. In constructive possession, you possibly had the drugs inside your vehicle or home. If neither of these situations is true, possession charges may not apply.

Consider a Defense of Unwitting Possession
You can possibly have your charges dismissed if you can prove you did not have awareness of the drugs being in the area around you at the time of arrest. Talk to your lawyer about this possible defense and whether it can apply to your case.


Hire a Qualified Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing drug possession arrest and charges in North Carolina is a major life event. It can change the trajectory of your career, family life, relationships and finances, not to mention your freedom. Having a good lawyer protects your rights as you navigate the court system. Your attorney ensures you receive fair and legal treatment and can help you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

Secure a Bail Bond to Get Out of Jail

It is far easier to work on your defense and keep your life in order outside of jail, than it is to do so while locked up. If you or someone you love experienced drug possession arrest in North Carolina, call the bail bondsmen of DJ’s Bail Bonds. We can help you or your loved one get out of jail to fight your charges. Call us 24/7 at (919) 986-1547 for bail bonds in Chatham, Franklin, Harnett, Johnston, Wake and Lee Counties.