Drug Possession Bail Bond, Wake County, NC

Can I get a bail bond after an arrest for drug possession?

Can I get a bail bond after arrest for drug possession?

A drug possession arrest is serious. North Carolina courts take these crimes very seriously. In many cases, the judge requires bail before letting you go back home to your family before trial. If you cannot pay the bail amount, you have to stay in jail. Of course, a drug possession bail bond is an option when you call a reputable bail bond agency.

How a Drug Possession Bail Bond Works

Did you know that bail bonds have existed as part of the criminal justice system since 1677? The concept of bonds started in England and transferred to America as this country began. In fact, related laws for these processes remained the same through 1966.

The Bail Reform Act of 1966 changed how bail works. Because laws related to bailing out of jail only helped the wealthy, lawmakers wanted to make things easier for the poor.

Today, just about anyone can use a bail bond. Drug possession bail bonds work like most others. You typically appear before the courts about 48 hours after your drug crime arrest. If you did not also commit murder or domestic violence, then the magistrate will set your bail amount. Along with this bail comes conditions of your release. You can use a drug possession bail bond to free yourself from jail and return home until your trial begins.

Many defendants feel tempted to ask the judge for a lower bail amount at this first hearing. Try to resist doing so, as it opens you up to the possibility of being given a higher bail amount. The situation often backfires as the prosecutor argues why the judge should not reduce your bail. Of course, you need to hire a good criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Typical types of drug possession bail include:

  • Written promise to appear, no bail money required
  • Unsecured bond, for which you do not have to pay to get out of jail
  • Money judgment that you must pay for failure to appear in court
  • Secured bond, the most common type that often requires you to get a drug possession bail bond or use collateral
  • Cash bond, one requiring you to pay cash

You Need a Trusted Bail Bondsman

When you work with a bail bondsman, you typically need a friend or family member to visit the bail bond company for you. They can handle the paperwork and secure your release.

As an example, if the court sets your bail at $10,000, your drug possession bail bond is typically a surety bond. This surety bond is a guarantee to the courts for the full amount of your bail from the bail bond agency. When you make all of your court appearances and finish your case, the court releases the bail liability.

When you need a drug possession bail bond, you typically must pay the bail bonds agency 15 percent of your bail amount. For your $10,000 bail, you then must pay the agency $1500. The agency then secures the full bail amount for the court.

When You Do Not Appear in Court

If you do not appear in court for your hearings or otherwise violate the terms of your bail, you face bigger problems than before. The courts will not hesitate to forfeit your bail. You likely face a warrant for your arrest and must stay in jail until trial. Or, you face having to pay an even higher bail amount with stricter terms for release.

You should never gamble with your future in the court system. You must attend all hearings and follow the terms of your release on bail.

Drug Possession Bail Bond in North Carolina, 24/7 and 365 Days Per Year

When you experience arrest for drugs or other crimes in North Carolina, you need a trusted bail bond agency. DJ’s Bail Bonds works with people throughout the state, particularly in:

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