Felony Bail Bondsman in NC

Felony Bail Bondsman in NC

Is someone you love locked up in jail? Do you need to help them bail out? If so, you likely wonder what a felony bail bondsman in NC can do for you. Who are these people and can you trust them?

Felony Bail Bondsman in NCAn NC felony bail bondsman is someone who works in the public’s best interests and must maintain public trust. Because of their responsibilities, bondsmen must go through multiple steps before the state licenses them. Obviously, this means they must be law abiding citizens. But they must also follow the letter of the law in their duties. They have to keep up with law changes affecting their work, too.

Below, we examine the initial requirements for someone to become a felony bail bondsman in NC. Then, we look at the other people who play a significant role in the bail bonds process.

Requirements for a Felony Bail Bondsman in NC

The state has specific requirements for a felony bail bondsman in NC. First, the individual must learn about their role and state laws associated with the bail bonds process. This typically involves going through classroom training, as part of which they learn about court and the role they will play in serving the court as an NC felony bail bondsman.

Steps to gain a license as a felony bail bondsman in NC include:

  • Pre-licensing classroom training with an exam
  • Application for their license
  • Passing the state certification test

Getting a license is only one aspect of the requirements for becoming a good bondsman. Below, we look at the personality characteristics key to doing a great job in this important role.

Personality Traits of a Good NC Felony Bail Bondsman

Personality plays a big part in becoming a bondsman, as well as in succeeding in the work. We must show compassion and commitment. They also must value a connection to their community.

Compassion is key, as bondsmen deal with people from all walks of life on a daily basis. Many of these people have struggled in life and find themselves in a troubled period of life, when needing a bond to get out of jail. A non-judgmental nature is also very important.

A bail bondsman must remain committed to learning in their role. They cannot pass their exam and gain a license, only to stop paying attention to important laws and changes in their field. Because these laws frequently change, a person in this job must also be able to alter how they conduct business, based on legal requirements.

Being a part of the community where they serve people is also key for a good felony bail bondsman. They must maintain a positive referral network and broad exposure to the market, so people can call upon them for help getting out of jail. They must establish roots in their community and take part in the local lifestyle and culture.

People Who Work with a Felony Bail Bondsman in North Carolina

On a daily basis in the U.S., 700,000 people find themselves arrested and thrown in jail. Each of these people has the potential to bond out of jail, if their judge allows it. These are the people a felony bondsman in NC serves.

Of course, not everyone can bail out of jail. The judge makes this decision based on the individual’s criminal history and likelihood to show up to their court hearings. The judge also considers public safety and whether the defendant will attempt to run away from their charges. If the judge believes the accused will attend court hearings, remain in the local area and obey the law, they set the bail amount.

When You Need a Felony Bail Bondsman in North Carolina

If you or your loved one are locked up in a North Carolina city or county jail on a felony charge, you probably need a NC felony bail bondsman. In six counties of North Carolina, DJ’s Bail Bonds answers calls 24/7 and 365 days per year to help people get out of jail. These counties include:

  • Chatham County
  • Franklin County
  • Harnett County
  • Wake County
  • Johnston County
  • Lee County

To get yourself or someone you know out of jail using a felony bail bond, all you need to do is call DJ’s Bail Bonds at 919-986-1547. We are the felony bail bondsman in NC that locals know and trust.