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So here it is, you knew the risks and still took the chance and now you’re in cuffs. There’s really only going to be two types of feelings that you have right now. The first feeling is obviously going to be fear, the second feeling might not be fear at all, because you’ve been in this situation before. Instead now all you left with is concern and regret. No matter how you feel at this moment there’s one thing you need to do.You need to call Dj Bail Bonds of Greensboro/Highpoint. Whether you’ve been in this kind of situation before or this is the first time you’ve ever been in trouble, DJ’s  Bail Bonds of Goldsboro is there to help.
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How bail bonds work

No matter what anyone says, in America, you are always innocent until proven I the court of law to be guilty. It’s this Unbreakable stipulation in our laws that allow us the ability to even have a bail system. Now the judge’s job will be to determine whether you have the option to make bail and to attach the appropriate amount of how much that bail is going to be.

How bail bonds work is that the total amount that you are to pay to even be bailed out is paid only in part by you wear as the bail bondsman pays the full amount mandated by the court. This is an advantage that everyone in this situation should take. You may have the means to pay your bail but it is better to still seek the services of a bail bondsman. Through them, you can get a reduced bail bond and use the money that you would have used to bail yourself out to hire legal defense.

Bail Bonds Services

In Greensboro/ Highpoint just like everywhere else in the United States, the rule of law is sacrosanct. This means that for every crime there is a cap on the maximum amount a judge can charge for your bail amount. At DJ’s Bail Bonds of Greensboro/Highpoint, we provide bail bonds in six different categories. With affordable options to be presented to you and with professionals that handle your case with compassion. You can be sure that no matter the situation DJ’s Bail Bonds od Greensboro/Highpoint can get you out of jail quick and back to a  life of normalcy.

We Provide Services in:

Gun Possession

Our constitutional right to bear arms gives us a unique privilege. I say privilege because when you think about what it means to be a gun owner there is a certain amount of responsibility you need to take into perspective. Yes we do have the right to own guns, yes we do have the right to protect our home, yes we have the right to protect our personal property, and yes we do have the right to protect ourselves. however, we do not have the right to abuse or break the law set in place that mandated us to be responsible gun owners.

When you are charged with a gun possession violation.  The first thing that you need to understand is that although the judge is unbiased to anything but the evidence presented to him or her. They are going to make things 100% clear as to the seriousness of the violation made. Doing this men’s either removing the possibility of bail or making the bill amount so high you wouldn’t even dream of not showing up for your court date. don’t worry you have an option, and a trusted, licensed, friend in DJ Bail Bonds of Greensboro/ High Point.

Drug Possession Bail Bonds

When you are charged with drug possession. At no point should you say to yourself that “this is going to be an easy situation to get out of”. The danger that drugs percent to not only yourself but the general public is apparent in the history of violence, poverty, death, and general destructive nature that comes with drugs. A judge now has to take into account that to keep you reliably fixed to your court date the amount on bail needs to be substantial.  

This can be no more apparent when the Magistrate presents to the judge that this isn’t the first time you’ve been here for drug possession. This isn’t going to be an easy situation to get out of but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the tools the limited freedom that bail gives you. And when the judge sees that DJ’s Bail Bonds of Greensboro/ High Point was there to bail you out. It puts a sense of confidence in the judges mind that you will be there on your mandated court date.

Felony Bail Bonds

No matter what you think the level of severity of felony charge might have. the courts still see a felony as a serious infraction of our laws. Don’t be under the impression that the judge will not levy a serious price tag for you to get out of jail. Just do the one thing that you know is right. call DJ’s bail bonds of Greensboro/Highpoint. We have the expert staff and professional experience get you bailed out. So that the severity of your felony and the sentence of it can be debated by those who can truly benefit you by being in your corner.

Disorderly Conduct Bail Bonds

Now on a scale from 1 to 10 disorderly conduct charges are relatively low. Explaining the situation, letting the judge genuinely feel that you’re remorseful, and possibly a good act of contrition in the way of picking up garbage on the side of the road. Will go a long way to getting a slap on the wrist or possibly even charges dropped. still doesn’t mean that you can’t spend a good amount of time in jail if you don’t bail out of that ate by a cage. Call DJ’s Bail Bonds of Greensboro/HighPoint. and make sure The next time you decide to throw trash can filled with garbage into your brother-in-laws brand new Jeep. That you don’t do it in front of a police officer.

DWI Bail Bonds

The law is very clear about getting behind the wheel when intoxicated. If the highway patrol officer or state trooper finds that you were driving behind the wheel drunk. there is no Pasco, you’re going directly to jail bud. now with all the fines and the fact that you’re going to have to be using Uber to go to work for a little while. You may want to think about hiring a bail bondsman to reduce the hemorrhage of money you’re going to end up paying to not only get your license back but more importantly to get your life back. Hey here’s a good idea, why not spend your hard earned money getting an Uber in the first place. That way you don’t have to worry about getting a DWI to begin with.