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How does bail money work?

How does bail money work? Am I allowed to travel while out on bail?

You never expect to be arrested or charged with a crime, much less having to arrange for bail money. So how does the bail process work in North Carolina? Am I allowed to travel while out on bail? And How does bail money work?

How does bail money work?

A bail bond, sometimes called bail money, is the amount you need to pay the court to gain your release from jail. This is a temporary release until your court case and the judge or jury decides your verdict. If found guilty, you still must go through the sentencing process, at which time you may go back to jail as part of your sentence.

When the judge sets your bail amount after an arrest, you have 48 hours to pay the bond. Many people do not have enough cash to pay for it. That is why bail bonds exist, to provide you with the bail money you cannot otherwise come up with on your own.

You receive bail money from a bail bond agency. These agencies loan the amount the court needs. As with any other type of loan, you must pay the bond back, plus interest. But the benefit of “bonding out” of jail is being able to continue working to earn enough money to meet this obligation and work with a lawyer.

How do I get bail money?

When you learn of your bond amount as part of your first post-arrest court appearance, you know whether you can come up with this money on your own or if you need help. If you need help paying your bond, it is important to immediately use the phone and call a bail bond agency. DJ’s Bail Bonds operates in many counties of North Carolina on a 24/7 and 365 day per year basis.

Counties served by DJ’s Bail Bonds include:

  • Chatham
  • Franklin
  • Harnett
  • Johnston
  • Lee
  • Wake

Whether you are in a major city for your arrest, like in Raleigh, or in a small town like Pittsboro, DJ’s Bail Bonds provides the help you need. If you cannot make the call yourself, have a loved one do it for you. Regardless of who makes the connection with your bail bond agency, you must agree to attend court as required and pay this money back. As part of the agreement, you need a cosigner who is willing to take responsibility for you and a form of collateral, according to the type of bond you receive.

Types of bail bonds include:

  • Cash bond
  • Secured bond
  • Unsecured bond

Am I allowed to leave the state after bailing out of jail?

Most cases allow you to leave the state unless the judge informs you otherwise. Some people must stay within county lines, as part of specific charges. But even if the judge permits you to travel around the U.S., you cannot leave the country.

Sometimes a judge determines defendants are flight risks. In these cases, they often grant bail but keep the accused person on house arrest. If you are on house arrest, the judge has restricted your freedom to a specific area around your home.

Do I need a bail bond?

Bailing out of jail enables you to more aggressively work on your case with a qualified attorney. If you receive bail money, make sure you work with a lawyer to plan your defense and follow all of the guidelines provided by the court. You should also spend this time taking care of your family’s needs and other financial obligations to prepare for the possibility of being returned to jail as part of a prison sentence.

Listen carefully to the restrictions the judge assigns as part of your bond. Ensure you do not travel beyond where he or she permits you to go.

To learn more about bail money and your options after arrest in North Carolina, call DJ’s Bail Bonds at (919) 986-1547 anytime, day or night. We provide the answers you need and help you get out of jail quickly to work on fighting your charges.