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Reasons Why Your Loved One Might Be Denied Bail

Was your friend or a family member recently arrested? If so, there are high chances that they can post bail. This will help to minimize or avoid spending more time behind bars before trial. However, there are some cases in which individuals are denied bail just after getting arrested.

The Crime Your Loved One is Being Accused of is Quite Serious

The seriousness of any offense is usually considered before your loved one is granted bail. This could be kidnapping, rape crime, murder or any other serious crime. Your loved one will most likely remain behind the bars, or the bond will be set high. In case there is enough evidence to show that the suspect may be innocent, the amount could be set low. But in most cases, suspects of serious crimes are usually denied bail and remain locked up until the hearing date.

Your Loved One is believed to be a Threat to the Society

If a judge grants your friend or family member bail, they will comfortably leave the jail, go to their homes and live in the society until the next court appearance. But unfortunately, that is not always what happens. In most cases, individuals who have been granted bail usually go out and get themselves into trouble. They will pose threats to society and could even end up killing themselves or hurting others in the process. If any judge thinks that your family member or friend could pose threats to the community, they will likely be forced to remain behind bars for a foreseeable future.

They Have a Long Criminal Record

Individuals might be denied bail for a number of reasons, including a lengthy criminal record. Judges may become less sympathetic to the defendants each time they see them. They will reach a certain point and draw a line in the sand and deny your loved one from being bailed. This is true if the crime your loved one is being accused of occurred while they were on parole or probation as a result of earlier crimes. This means that repeat offenders stand greater chances of being denied bail.

They Are Disrespectful to The judges in the Court

Doing simple things such as yelling at the judge in court or showing any signs of disrespect in one way or the other could be enough for your loved one to be denied. If the suspects took it upon themselves to disrespect the judge just after their arrest, it could be the main reason why they find themselves behind bars for the second time without getting any chance to post bail. In most cases, judges can change their minds and grant bail after denying it for the first time.

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