Skips Bail

What happens if someone I bailed out skips bail?

Skips Bail – If you have already bailed someone out of jail in Smithfield, NC or are thinking about it now, you likely have many questions. Two of the most common questions asked of DJ’s Bail Bonds in North Carolina include:

  • What happens to my loved one if I decide not to bail them out?
  • What happens if I bail someone out and they skip bail?

Skips BailEach of these questions play a major role in your decision to bail someone out of jail. We explore the answers below so you can make the right decision for yourself and your loved one locked up in Johnston County Jail or elsewhere in North Carolina.

What if I decide not to bail them out?

Many of us dread getting that phone call from jail, from someone we love. Still, when they ask you to bail them out, you have to consider your options. You likely wonder what will happen to them if you decide not to talk to a bail bondsman.

What happens when you do not bail them out depends on where they are currently held. Some small detention centers, like those in rural areas and suburbs of North Carolina, do not have much space to hold people long-term. So they typically transfer inmates to another facility after one or several days.

The reality is that the bigger correctional facilities are less pleasant than small town or county jails. In fact, holding cells are a cakewalk compared to longer-term lockups. If you worry about where your loved one will go and what to expect for them, you can call the booking officer. Ask them what will happen to your friend or loved one if you decide not to bail them out.

What if they skip bail after I get them out of jail?

Getting someone out of jail requires a financial investment. That is scary because you lose your money and collateral if they skip bail. You will likely also lose even more money when the bondsman bills you for the balance of their investment.

Skipping bail is as simple as not showing up for a court date as required. Or maybe your loved one tries to flee the area altogether and you never expect to hear from them again.

If your loved one skips bail, the bail bond goes into default. But you have some options when this happens. First and foremost, talk to the bail bondsman about your friend or family member’s disposition. Find out if a warrant has already been issued or if the person you bailed out can still fix the problem. If you know where the bail jumper is, tell them to get in touch with the bondsman right away.

If a warrant is already issued in Smithfield, Johnston County, or elsewhere in North Carolina, your friend or family member is going back to jail. There is no doubt about that reality, at this point. Even worse, they will not be able to post bail again. Judges do not grant freedoms to people who skip bail. In fact, the person who skips bail adds another “failure to appear” charge to their case.

Work with a Bail Bond Agent You Trust

Before you bail someone out of jail, consider the risk that they will skip bail. Most people want to resolve their court matter and not have a case following them. Rarely does anyone want more charges added to their original alleged offenses? Still, some people are not trustworthy. They skip bail without considering the consequences for all parties involved.

While considering your options and before you bail them out, talk to a trustworthy North Carolina bail bond agent. Ask questions and get the answers you need before paying for your friend or family member to get out of jail. Specifically ask what happens and what you will lose, if they skip bail. By having all of the information you need, you can make the right decision.

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