Signing for a Bail Bond

Your Responsibilities When Signing for a Bail Bond

When getting that phone call saying a loved one is in jail, most people panic first. After asking some initial questions and finding out what happened, they want to spring into action and free their friend or relative. This usually requires getting a bail bond. But before signing for a bail bond, you need to learn more about the process.

Signing for a bail bond is risky, no matter how much you love and trust the person in jail. Steps associated with bonding someone out include putting up collateral, such as your car. Then, if your loved one does not show up to court, you risk losing that collateral to the bondsman and damaging your credit. But you do have some rights as the person willing to step up and bond them out. Keep reading to learn more about your responsibilities when signing for a bail bond.

Your Responsibilities When Signing for a Bail Bond

Signing for a Bail Bond

When signing for a bail bond, your responsibilities include multiple agreements, such as:

You agree the defendant will show up for all court appearances.
When signing for a bail bond, you are using your own credit and collateral to assure the courts that your loved one will appear at hearings as ordered. If they do not appear for each date at the right time, they lose their freedom and you lose your money and collateral. If you cannot trust they will show up, do not risk your own well-being.

You agree to pay for the bondsman’s services.
You have some payment options, when it comes to the bondsman’s services and signing for a bail bond. Some signors can arrange a payment plan or choose to pay in full. But you must also pay designated fees for the bondsman’s services. These fees are typically an additional 15 percent. The full cost depends on the severity of your loved one’s crimes.

You agree the defendant will leave jail.
Remember, signing for a bail bond means your loved one will leave jail and return home. Consider this carefully. Set aside your emotions to weigh concerns about their release. Openly discuss any expected problems with the bail bondsman. They can help you make the right decision to avoid damaging your credit, reputation, assets and collateral.

Your Rights When Signing for a Bail Bond

Along with the above responsibilities and agreements tied to getting a bail bond, you also have some rights. These rights include:

You can request stipulations for the defendant’s release.
Signing your loved one out of jail by getting a bail bond means you have some power and control. You can request stipulations associated with their release. As an example, you can require them to go to a drug or alcohol treatment center upon release if they were jailed for DUI. When possible, use your power to help them get back on a positive life track while awaiting court hearings and verdicts.

You can take your loved one back to jail.
If the defendant comes out of jail and you notice they do not improve their ways, you can request cancellation of their bond. Although this is not something to take lightly, it is your right as the signor. The process involves maintaining open communication with the bondsman. Talk about your concerns of losing your collateral and messing up your credit. When necessary, the bondsman can cancel the criminal bond to save you and the bonding agency from the costs of an irresponsible defendant.

DJ’s Bail Bonds Helps You Make the Right Choice

When signing for a bail bond for a loved one in North Carolina, you need an experienced bail agency on your side. DJ’s Bail Bonds understands your concerns and the pressures of putting your own collateral on the line for someone you love. You can rely on us throughout multiple NC counties for 24/7 phone support and to get your friend or relative out of jail. Counties we serve include:

  • Franklin
  • Harnett
  • Chatham
  • Wake
  • Johnston
  • Lee

Before signing for a bail bond in Raleigh, Pittsboro, Louisburg, Lillington, Smithfield or Sanford, NC for your loved one, call us. We are happy to discuss your responsibilities and rights as the signor. We will help you get the defendant out of jail quickly and on the right terms. You can reach us seven days per week at 919-986-1547.