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How to Decide if You Should Bail Someone Out of Jail

Do you need to bail someone out, but aren’t sure if you should? Imagine getting a phone call in the middle of the night from the Wake County Detention Center. Your friend got arrested for a DWI. Maybe you have work the next day or your finances are thin. Should you bail your friend out of jail? Obviously, you could be facing a different situation.

That same friend might have helped you in the past or it could be a brother-in-law rather than a friend. There’s an added feeling of obligation there because he’s family. Whatever your circumstance, there’s nothing wrong with wondering if you should bail someone from jail or not.

Deciding to Bail Someone Out of Jail

A licensed bondsman is going to give you the price of what a bond will cost you. Afterward, you’ll still have to pay the fee. Some bail bondsmen will allow you to do payment plans or use car titles as well.

We come across friends and family members struggling to see how it could be worth it to post a lot. Although that decision is yours to make, we’re here to help you gain the needed information about the bond process give you an easier time.

How the Bonding Works in North Carolina

At DJ’s Bail Bonds, we’re licensed and professional bond agents. We’ll see how we can work best with you to free your loved one as fast as we can while explaining the process. After bail gets put into place by the judge, expect this to happen when you use bail bonds:

First, you’re entering into a contract with the broker. You are agreeing that you’ll pay the down payment for the bail. This is what you pay to the bail bonds company to take care of the amount of the bond. Then, the bonds agency will handle the rest of the bond for you.

Keep in mind that the down payment you cover isn’t a loan. It’s the fee set up by the bonding agency so they can pay the bond in full. You’ll still have the choice to post an amount straight to the court. For instance, you would pay the entire price of the bail and when (or if) your loved one shows up to court for the initial trial or hearing, you’ll get that money back. At times the full amount isn’t returned.

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