How Can You Make Sure You Stay Out On Bail?

Violating your bail bond can mean big problems. Whether you are out on bail with a Lee county bail bonds, Harnett county bail bonds, Pittsboro bail bonds or Raleigh bail bonds, the rules are the same. You are expected to do certain things to stay out of jail.

One of the quickest ways to violate your bail bond is to get rearrested. This is on new charges for a separate incident from what you were arrested for in the first place. Another easy way to get your bond violated is by not showing up in court.

How Can You Ensure You Stay in Good Standing With Your Bail Bond Agency?

It is easy to stay in the good graces of your bail bond agent. You show up to court when you are supposed to, you keep in touch with your bond agent if anything changes, and you steer clear of additional trouble. A lot of people forget that the bail bond agency is taking a risk on them. The bail bondsmen are guaranteeing to the court that you will show up on your court date and that you understand one of the conditions of your release is that you will not pick up another charge.

What Are Some Things Your Bondsmen Needs to Know?

There are some changes that can occur in your life that you should let your bond agent know including:

  • If you move.
  • If you change your phone number.
  • And, If you are working out of town.

It is important that you and your bond agency establish a trusted relationship. That means if there are any changes in how to contact you, your best bet is to let your bond person know. You will get a text or call before your court dates if your agent can not reach you, this can send up unnecessary red flags.

It is important that you are honest with your bond person. They can only be on your side if you are honest with them. The court holds your agent responsible for your whereabouts. If you move just shoot a text or make a call, to avoid any negative repercussions.

Working Out of Town

If you are working out of town, the time to tell your bondsman what is going on is before you take the job. Depending on your charges and your release agreement traveling out of town may be something that has to be cleared before you do it.

Read your bond agreement carefully and make sure you understand the potential repercussions if you do not do your part. You do not want to wind up sitting in jail waiting for a trial date. That can be months or longer down the road.

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