Post Bail: Important Things to Keep in Mind

Post Bail: Important Things to Keep in Mind

Anyone looking for a release from jail must first post bail. Posting bail allows an individual to tend to the matter of finding a lawyer who can represent them at trial. Oddly enough, the odds of winning a case increase when the defendant is able to post bail. If personally arrested, or a friend or relative experiences a first-time arrest, it likely means the whole bail system is initially a mystery. Most people are not aware of what goes into the bail process.

Here are several important things to keep in mind concerning Raleigh bail bonds:

1. Your bail bond is in reality a loan. People can use the services of Raleigh bail bondsmen when they do not have adequate funds to handle the entire the set bail amount on their own. Bail bonds agencies have the proper license to operate. Their job is to put up the cash that covers a bail amount. The defendant pays the agency ten percent of the bail amount up front. If the accused individual appears in court, the bail bonds agent will get their cash back. If a person fails to show in court, then the court systems keeps the cash.

2. Not all states allow for a bail bonds system. Several states that restrict the practice include Maine, Wisconsin, Oregon, Nebraska, and Illinois. Anyone arrested in these states will have to find the means to come up with their own funds to post bail.

3. It’s likely that many industry professionals would advise a person not to try and pay the entire bail amount on their own. Paying the entire bail amount can negatively affect a person’s financial situation.

4. States that allow for the existence of a bail system set the regulation fees. Many clients tend to find that comparison shopping for the lowest deal usually ends up being a futile attempt. As mentioned, each state regulates charges. Agencies that offer the service do not regulate bond fees.

5. There are times when bail money may not be a requirement. For smaller misdemeanor crimes, the judge can order a defendant’s release on their own recognizance. The defendant makes a verbal promise to appear in court.

Bounty hunters are real…..

6.  It may sound like something out of an old western movie, but bounty hunters will sometimes go after a defendant that avoids their court dates. The system authorizes bounty hunters to cross state lines. They even have authority to break into a defendant’s dwelling without a warrant. Police officers need a warrant to enter a person’s home.

7. There are times when a defendant avoids jail on bail and must fulfill other requirements set by the court. A defendant sometimes must appear for several court dates, enroll in a substance abuse program, or be required to remain in a geographical location.

8. Those who cannot pay cash for bail with a bail bonds company can sometimes come up with other forms of collateral. Of course, it depends on the bail bonds agency. There may be an option for considering jewelry, real estate, bonds, stocks, bank accounts, credit cards, or other personal valuables defendants can use to post bail.

9. Defendants may also have an opportunity to reduce their bail amount if they think the bail has been set too high. A person may be able to file a motion for its reduction. However, they will likely need the help of a good attorney. In this instance, an attorney would attempt to prove their client does not have the financial means to pay the set bail amount.

First, You Must Find The Right Bail Bonds Company

The agency you choose can make a difference in the outcome of your trial. Here are several questions you can ask a potential agency before making a decision to use their services:

Ask them what their conditions are for posting bail.
Find out how long the company has been in business.
Inquire whether the company is open 24/7.
Ask if they can provide references.
Additionally, ask if they have ever had their license suspended or restricted.

Contact DJ’s Bail Bonds today to learn more how we can help you or someone you care for get life back on track. We know that dealing with the criminal justice system can be a difficult task. We can help make sure that you meet your court obligations after posting bail.

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