Locked Up

Your Loved One Is Locked up in Jail. Should You Bail Them Out?

Locked UpWith so many television shows depicting life in jail, it is easier now than ever before to understand what your loved one goes through after arrest. These shows likely to make you want to bail them out even faster, too. Otherwise, they face the struggles of sleeping, eating, staying safe, and maintaining good health while locked up.

Why Bail Them Out?

In jail, your locked up loved one still needs financial support. Each time they call you, they must do so using a prepaid phone card that you likely provide. They also need commissary funds in order to have enough to eat and something to look forward to on a weekly basis. Maybe you are stuck paying their car payment, insurance, or rent until they get out of jail, too. All of these costs can put immense pressure on your shoulders and make you want to bail them out.

In addition to mounting costs because of your loved one being locked up in jail, they also need to build their defense. This is best done with a lawyer from outside of jail. They need to gather evidence for their case. It is also critical that they maintain their job or income, in order to pay for their attorney and stay out of prison. To build their best defense, your loved one needs you to bail them out.

What Your Loved One Experiences in Jail

Getting booked into jail is a unique experience no one soon forgets. Even worse is being in jail for a lengthy period of time, such as if you decide not to bail them out. Many people try to put this time in their past. But they soon realize they need counseling or other help because of the mental trauma suffered from all of the stress related to being locked up.

Getting booked into jail starts with the arrest and being handcuffed. They are read their Miranda Rights and put into a police car. Once your loved one arrives at the jail, they are officially booked into custody.

At the start of this custody, they must provide their fingerprints. Police take their mug shots and perform a body search. This is also the beginning of their lengthy waiting period, a time of waiting for all basic necessities, any comforts they can get and their time in court.

How You Can Bail Them Out

Within 48 hours of arrest, your loved one goes into court for a bail hearing. The judge decides their bail amount based on the nature of the crime, prior offenses on their record and whether the judge believes they will show up in court. Once the defendant finds out how much bail they can pay to get out of jail, they can call you. They tell you the amount you must pay to bail them out.

There are four ways you can pay to bail them out. These methods include:

  • Cash
  • Secured bail bonds
  • Unsecured bail bonds
  • Signature or own recognizance (OR)

Call DJ’s Bail Bonds to Bail Them Out of North Carolina County Jails

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